Eighth District Voters Protest Against Disastrous ACA-Replacement Bill, Hold #FridaysWithFitzpatrick Rally Outside Brian Fitzpatrick’s Office

Protest Highlights Bill’s Fringe Elements, Questions Fitzpatrick’s Leadership

Yesterday, dozens of voters in Pennsylvania’s 8th District held the first of a schedule of weekly themed protests activists have come to call #FridaysWithFitzpatrick – a movement activists have modeled after the Tuesdays with Toomey protests.

For a second straight week, 8th district voters protested against Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s “wait and see” approach on the disastrous ACA-Replacement bill put forth by House Republicans.

Citing concerns over Fitzpatrick’s leadership, dozens of hardworking Pennsylvanians rallied to make sure that their voices and message were heard loud and clear: Pennsylvanians won’t stand by and watch Fitzpatrick play politics while Pennsylvania’s economy and hard working families are put at risk.

Participants also delivered hand written notes urging the Congressman’s “no” vote on the proposed AHCA legislation and over 2,000 signatures in opposition to cuts to funding or Planned Parenthood.

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