Protesters Gather At Costello’s Office In West Chester For 8th Straight Week, Protest The Representative’s Support Of Disastrous ACA Repeal

Protest Highlights Costello’s Fringe Views And Continued Backlash Against His Support For AHCA Legislation  

Yesterday, constituents in Pennsylvania’s 6th District gathered to protest at Ryan Costello’s office for the 8th straight week and continued their protest against Congressman Ryan Costello’s brazen support of the proposed ACA-replacement bill and his careless yes vote in favor of reporting the American Health Care Act out of the Energy and Commerce Committee despite widespread opposition from groups across the ideological spectrum.

Dozens of hardworking Pennsylvanians rallied at Costello’s West Chester office to make sure that their voices and message were heard loud and clear: Pennsylvanians won’t stand for Costello’s brazen attempt to take away the care they rely on and put Pennsylvania’s future at risk.

Representative Costello is now on the record in favor of jacking up health insurance premiums and ripping away coverage from millions so that Republicans can cuts taxes for health insurance CEOS. This is a boardroom bailout that makes health care more expensive and less accessible for Americans and now Costello owns this debacle until Election Day.