A Tale Of Two Gubernatorial Hopefuls: Rep. Mike Kelly And Sen. Scott Wagner

Rumored gubernatorial hopeful Rep. Mike Kelly called Paul Ryan’s disastrous GOP health care repeal plan “news of enormous relief for American workers, families, seniors, those who are sick and vulnerable, and those who give them medical care.” While Rep. Mike Kelly proudly supports this plan that would make premiums skyrocket, slap an age tax on Pennsylvania’s senior citizens, and completely gut Medicaid, Scott Wagner is hiding like a coward, refusing to comment on the Paul Ryan plan at all.

Scott Wagner has said, “I will promise you this – I will tell you the truth no matter how bad it is.”

The truth about this plan is bad, and yet the usually blunt Scott Wagner is doing everything he can to avoid telling the truth to Pennsylvanians.

“Rep. Mike Kelly proudly boasts about his support for a plan that taxes people over 50, guts Medicaid, and will deny people treatment for the disease of addiction,” said Beth Melena, Director of Communications for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Meanwhile, Scott Wagner, a self-proclaimed straight shooter, shamefully refuses to face the people of Pennsylvania about a plan that would have devastating effects on middle-class families, seniors, and children. Hiding his support for this disastrous plan makes Wagner a coward and the absolute worst of a typical Harrisburg politician. It’s time for Scott Wagner to stop his cowardly hiding and go on the record about Paul Ryan’s health care repeal plan.”


In a newsletter, Scott Wagner said:

“I am not a career politician. I am not a smooth, polished speaker selling snake oil making promises to everyone. I will admit that I am sometimes rough around the edges.

“I will promise you this – I will tell you the truth no matter how bad it is. In my private sector business world, the people I work with understand that I expect honesty and I expect them to tell me what I need to hear – not what I want to hear.

“I love good news, but I can handle bad news. By telling the truth, bad news helps you become better.”