Voters And Constituents Across Southeast PA Keep Pressure On Vulnerable Republican Members Of Congress

Events Highlight Grassroots Backlash to Hold Costello, Meehan, and Fitzpatrick Accountable And Demand Better

Voters and constituents across Southeastern, PA continued making Congressional office visits and held a series of rallies to save and expand access to quality affordable healthcare. Yesterday’s events are a continuation of a series of events that have taken place throughout the week to hold their Representatives accountable and demand better of them in Washington.


“Rep. Costello needs to get on board with the values of his constituents.” Said Beth Sweet of West Chester and organizer of Wednesday’s event, “Medicare for all will be good for both the physical and financial health of our citizens and our country.”

Chester County Daily Local News: Costello’s office again target of protesters

Protesters gathered again outside the Historic Chester County Courthouse Wednesday evening in support of the Affordable Care Act. Despite a drop in temperature, picketers still turned out with signs, many wearing the pink “pussy hats” made popular at the Women’s March which took place in January. The demonstrators urged U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello, R-6, to support the ACA, also known as Obamacare.

This was yet another in a string of protests regarding Costello and his stance on health care. A moderate Republican, he has stated that he would be interested in maintaining parts of the ACA, such as coverage of those with pre-existing conditions and the ability for children to stay on their parent’s plan until the age of 26. Costello voted for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in committee, but has said that he would have voted against it in a final vote. After a town hall meeting in which constituents were able to voice their concerns to Costello, many continued to feel dissatisfied with the answers he provided.

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Barbara Clark of Newtown Square visited Rep. Patrick Meehan’s office for the second straight day seeking the opportunity to speak with the Representative or a member of his staff. She would ultimately end up leaving letters with the office.

“I left 2 letters at Meehan’s office and a milk bottle about town halls. Yesterday (Tuesday), my letter talked about the need for town hall meetings. I stressed that constituents needed to express their views and hear the Congressman’s views,” said Clark. “Town Halls are a good forum for the exchange of ideas. These would help constituents make their views known and would also help the Congressman do his job by knowing how his constituents view different issues. By knowing his constituent’s views, he can represent them in Congress.”

The letter that Clark left with the office on Wednesday outlined her take on Trump not releasing his taxes, Representative Meehan’s vote to torpedo efforts to force Trump to reveal his taxes, and his subsequent vote to allow service providers to sell their customers personal browsing history.


Bucks County Courier Times: Photos: Rally in Middletown in support of Planned Parenthood, Medicaid and the ACA

Residents once again rally outside of Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s Bucks County office on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, to show their support of Planned Parenthood funding, Medicaid and affordable health care access for all.

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