Our Party

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is committed to electing Democrats throughout the Commonwealth and fighting for our shared values.

Meet the Chairman

Elected Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman in 2010, Jim Burn has an extensive career in public service. Jim is an attorney representing the rights of injured workers, elected member of Allegheny County Council and – most important to him – a little league coach. Read more »

Our History

The Democratic Party has a long and successful history in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has gone to Democratic Presidential candidates in every election since 1988. Read more »

Our Staff

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party staff is committed to electing Democrats throughout Pennsylvania and fighting for Democratic values. Read more »

Why Votebuilder

VoteBuilder, one of the most valuable services offered by the PA Democratic Party, is the online database which holds the voter file (all of the registered voters in Pennsylvania). Read More »

State Committee

Find out more about our State Committee and Caucuses. Read More »


The Pennsylvania Democratic Party
229 State Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

ph: (717) 920-8470
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