Progressive Caucus


The Progressive Caucus is a forum and focus for action on issues of concern to all the individual residents of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to assist in the party building and the winning of elections while promoting the general welfare of all the residents of Pennsylvania.

 As “progressives,” we believe that it is through government that the needs of the people are protected and provided for.  What unites us as progressive Democrats is our belief that the common good must supersede the influence of corporate greed.  As a party, we are strongest when we respect individual liberties, with second class status for no one.  We are strongest when we embrace our diversity, united by a sense of collective responsibility, rather than allowing any differences to divide us.

As the Progressive Caucus, we aim to put these core values into practice and thereby strengthen our party.  When we promote educational opportunities that deepen our understanding of the needs of our communities, we strengthen our party.  When we support progressive candidates who lead and who unashamedly promote core Democratic values, we strengthen our party.  When we hold ourselves and our elected representatives accountable, increasing transparency and small “d” democratic principles, we strengthen our party.  When we work in coalitions and support the efforts of our sister caucuses, we strengthen our party.  In all that we do, we commit to being respectful, to promoting party unity, and to increasing the success our party, our candidates and our Democratic values.

As committed Democrats, we seek a truly just society. We will collectively and individually work through the Democratic Party to achieve the eradication of racial, sexual, and economic discrimination, and toward the realization of a national community in which social equity and a respect for individual dignity prevail. We pledge, therefore, that consistent with the principles of our Party, we honor the rules set forth in the Charter and By-Laws of the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Chair Lani Frank -

Vice Chair Jordan Yeager -

Secretary Marybeth Kuznik -

Treasurer Conor Brooks -