Youth Organizations

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has two autonomous youth organizations that you can join.

Pennsylvania Young Democrats

The Pennsylvania Young Democrats are partners with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. With chapters in nearly all 67 counties, the PAYD is open to Democrats aged 35 and younger. The PAYD is committed to including politically active high school students, college students and young professionals in the elective process. For more information on the Pennsylvania Young Democrats and to find a chapter in your county, please visit their website:

Pennsylvania Federation Of College Democrats

The Pennsylvania Federation of College Democrats is the statewide chapter of the College Democrats of America, the official collegiate arm of the Democratic National Committee. With over 3,000 student members on campuses across the commonwealth, the PACD is dedicated to furthering the President's and Governor's agenda, providing a voice for the issues that affect students most and working to elect our Democratic slate of candidates. For more information on the Pennsylvania Federation of College Democrats, please visit

About the DNC Youth Council:

The Democratic National Committee's Youth Coordinating Council (Youth Council) was formally constituted as a council of the DNC in December 2005. The goal of the Youth Council is to increase opportunities and improve participation by young people, under age 36, in the activities and structure at all levels of the Democratic Party. Among the purpose and goals of the Youth Council is to ensure that the Democratic Party maintains a majority of the youth vote which it currently holds with a wide margin.

One of the goals of the Youth Council this year is to put together a "Youth Blueprint for Change" before the September meeting of the DNC. The Blueprint will have a state by state analysis of youth inclusion and participation at every level of Democratic organization. For more information on the Democratic National Committee Youth Council, please email