Corbett admits 'We reduced education funding if you look at it as a whole.'

Just days after Tom Corbett spent a significant portion of his budget address creating a strawman argument to defend his education cuts and attacking those who have criticized him for harming Pennsylvania schools, he was forced to admit he had, in fact, cut education funding in last years budget. The end result was less money for schools, higher property taxes, cut programs, teacher layoffs and larger classrooms.

From Capitolwire (Paywall):

MT. JOY (Feb. 9) – Gov. Tom Corbett, two days after chiding critics for saying he cut state funding for the K-12 public basic education formula, made an admission.

He said his administration had cut overall state funding for K-12 public schools in the current budget.


[Corbett] responded: “We reduced education if you a take a look at it as a whole. But it wasn’t $800 million. … and if you listen to my words, I always talk about the basic education funding formula,” he said, also referred to as the basic education subsidy. “People on the outside say we cut that formula. We have not. In fact we have increased that formula.”


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