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Re-Elect Senator Bob Casey on November 6

Senator Bob Casey

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Bob was first elected to the US Senate in 2006, and he’s spent two terms representing fighter for good jobs, higher wages, and fairer workplaces for Pennsylvanians.

From legislation cracking down on terrorists’ financing to a law that makes it easier for small businesses to grow, Bob has a wide range of accomplishments for the people of PA.

Bob Casey knows that too many families have been left behind, so he’s committed to bringing good jobs and raising wages.

Re-Elect Governor Tom Wolf on November 6

Governor Tom Wolf

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In November 2014, Tom was elected Governor of PA after driving hundreds of miles in his 2006 Jeep Wrangler to meet with families, business owners, and hard-working people across the Commonwealth.

The first things he did in office were declare that he wouldn’t take a salary or a pension, ban his administration from accepting gifts, and make his daily schedule available to the public – all big steps towards a more transparent, citizen-focused government in Harrisburg.

Since then, Governor Wolf has fought tirelessly for Pennsylvanians healthcare, jobs, and rights. He also helped overturn Republican gerrymandering to ensure PA had fair maps for the first time in decades.