Pennsylvania Democratic Party Announces Candidates For PA-18 Nomination Convention

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party today announced that seven candidates filed the required petitions to be eligible to appear on the special election nomination ballot to be recommended to the Pennsylvania Democratic Executive Committee. Interested candidates were to have delivered their petitions, signed by at least five state or county committee members within the 18th Congressional ... Read more

Chairman Groen Statement On The 2017 Election

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement regarding the election: “Election Day was a great day for Democrats both across the country and here in Pennsylvania. Let it be known that voters prefer candidates who stand for growing the middle class and making sure that everyone who works hard can get ... Read more

ROUNDUP: Pennsylvania Democrats Win Big In Local Elections

Democrats across the commonwealth are sweeping into local offices after Tuesday’s election. Check out the coverage here: Democrats were successful across the state: City & State PA: Off-year election sees PA Democrats make big gains  A day that saw spitting rain in Philadelphia and flurries in Harrisburg could not keep voters away from the polls ... Read more

PA Dems Challenge Barletta To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is On Taxes

Congressman Lou Barletta has spent much of the last few weeks telling Pennsylvanians that when it comes to the Republican tax bill, up is down. Despite multiple non-partisan analyses showing the GOP plan raises taxes on low- and middle-income earners while providing the wealthy and large corporations a windfall, Congressman Barletta insists it will help ... Read more

PA Dems Condemn Unethical Attacks From PA GOP and Sallie Mundy

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen released the following statement in regards to unethical attacks from the Pennsylvania Republican Party and Sallie Mundy. “It’s not uncommon to see political attack ads this close to an election, but what we saw this week from the Republican Party goes beyond the pale. They’ve truly stooped to a ... Read more

Does Art Oligeri Own His Shoe Store?

Republican candidate Art Oligeri, who has run a campaign of distortion and deception, is still being dishonest. Oligeri has been portraying himself as the owner of Meeker Marshall Shoe Fly. When confronted in a debate October 18 about whether he owned the shoe store, Oligeri said yes – twice: Multiple calls to Meeker Marshall Shoe ... Read more

Pennlive: For Pa. Supreme Court: Judge Dwayne Woodruff Is The Right Choice

* The Editorial Board of PennLive/The Patriot-News endorses Dwayne Woodruff, who brings with him the experience and temperament to serve on Pennsylvania’s highest court.  * Woodruff, a former 12-season, MVP defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is uniquely suited for that role. He’s served on the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice, which was called upon ... Read more

PA Dems Ad: Art Oligeri In Lock-Step With Trump’s Destructive Agenda

Erie County Executive candidate Art Oligeri has been pitching himself as a major supporter of Donald Trump’s agenda, saying “I like what’s happening on the national level.” As the Trump Administration is cutting funding to the opioid crisis and is threatening to take health care away from thousands of Erie County residents, the Pennsylvania Democratic ... Read more

Scranton Times-Tribune: Courtright For Mayor

* In this race, The Times-Tribune editorial board believes Courtright is the better choice.  * Courtright must be credited with taking a systematic, orderly approach to dealing with the difficult situation he inherited. A wayward state Supreme Court decision upended the previous administration’s progress toward economic recovery, leaving the Courtright administration to cover a massive ... Read more

Erie Times-News: Our View: Schember Is Best Fit As Next Erie Mayor

* After extensively interviewing the candidates and weighing their experience, agendas and personal qualities, however, the Erie Times-News Editorial Board endorses Schember as better suited in a number of ways. * That recommendation is based on Schember’s record of relevant life and work experience, his more textured and grounded grasp of the city’s challenges and ... Read more

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