PA GOP Nominates Donald Trump’s Slate

“This convention showed that the Pennsylvania Republican Party is putting together a statewide ticket that is as Trumplike as possible in both policy and irresponsible style,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Sinceré Harris. “Scott Wagner actually refers to Trump as a ‘mini-Scott Wagner’ and Lou Barletta is running as ‘Trump’s political godfather.’” “Wagner and ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Names Leadership, Endorses Governor Wolf And Senator Casey, Enacts Comprehensive Sexual Assault And Harassment Policy

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party today announced that John A. Hanna, has been elected Chairman, Nancy Patton Mills has been elected Vice Chair, and Lisa Rhodes has been elected Treasurer of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party until the Party’s June reorganization meeting. The Party unanimously endorsed Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey in their reelection bids. ... Read more

The Real Deal: Why Paul Mango And Scott Wagner Want To Be Governor

It’s not hard to see why Paul Mango and Scott Wagner want to be governor. Scott Wagner, in a truly Trumpian way, just wants more government contracts for his company PennWaste. He’s even said he wouldn’t put his assets in a blind trust or stop running his company if he was elected governor. And Paul ... Read more

Show Us The Details: GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Will Slash Funding To Public Schools

It’s all in the details. But the Republican candidates for Governor have absolutely none of them when it comes to funding Pennsylvania’s public schools. Rather than support increased funding to public schools and workforce development programs, all the Republicans candidates could do was criticize Governor Wolf’s budget that calls for greater investment in schools for ... Read more

GOP Candidates For Governor To Pat Meehan: Don’t Resign

Today it was reported that Representative Pat Meehan used $40,000 in taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim made by a former aide. Despite claiming that they have a “zero-tolerance policy” for sexual misconduct, Paul Mango, Scott Wagner, Mike Turzai, and Laura Ellsworth all refused to call on Representative Meehan to resign.  “Not only ... Read more

Mango Doubles Down On Extremist Interview Despite Criticism From GOP & Pundits

Paul Mango is taking heat from Republicans for his extremist interview with a cult leader who believes that public school children are being “indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda.” After flatly lying about the interview, he is now doubling down and defending it despite the widespread criticism. When asked about why Mango would do the ... Read more

SHOCKING VIDEO: Paul Mango Thinks Public Schools Push A “Homosexual Agenda,” Lies To Press About It

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that Paul Mango did an interview with a cult leader who believes that public school children are being “indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda” and that Planned Parenthood wants to “exterminate black people.” When asked about this shocking interview, Paul Mango claims that the interviewer did not make these statements, despite ... Read more

Washington Examiner: Pennsylvania Republicans Vent Frustration With Lou Barletta’s Senate Campaign

* It’s indicative of widespread anxiety among Pennsylvania Republicans that Barletta is headed toward defeat, and could take the down-ticket with him. Half-dozen Republican insiders in Pennsylvania, most requesting anonymity in order to speak candidly, echoed in some fashion or another the complaints of Mustio and Taylor.  * Some Republican insiders say Barletta, never a ... Read more

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Democrats Criticize Paul Mango For ‘Homophobic And Extremist’ Interview

* Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango appeared this month in a video interview with Hyung Jin Moon, the “second king” of an assault rifle-wielding Christian sect headquartered in Eastern Pennsylvania, to talk about his campaign for the Republican nomination.   About two-thirds of the way through the 37-minute interview, Moon, seated behind an AK-style rifle ... Read more

Congressman Barletta’s Connections To Holocaust Deniers, White Supremacists Dominates Headlines

Yesterday’s report detailing Congressman Lou Barletta’s deep ties to Holocaust deniers, white supremacists, and other extremist groups is dominating headlines as his Senate candidacy continues to flounder. In response to yesterday’s news, Barletta spent the evening rallying with a leading white nationalist and attacking the press from the safety of the leading white nationalist publication. ... Read more

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