Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: State AG Seeks Tuition Debt Relief For Students

* The state Attorney General’s office is proposing a $6.7 million settlement that will repay the educational debt incurred by 1,200 Pennsylvania college students who it says were underserved by a for-profit college system, which includes the former Everest Institute on Stanwix Street, Downtown. * “This proposed settlement will provide badly-needed debt relief for 1,200 ... Read more

Will The PA GOP Uninvite Scott Wagner From Their Fundraiser For Refusing To Denounce The Violence And Racism In Charlottesville?

This week, the Pennsylvania Republican Party released a statement saying that they do not welcome people who promote bigotry in their party. Yet, they are continuing to promote a fundraiser with gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner who is refusing to condemn the hatred, racism, and violence that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend. “If the Pennsylvania ... Read more

The New York Times: Richard Trumka: Why I Quit Trump’s Business Council

* With each passing day, it has become clear that President Trump has no intention of following through on his commitments to working people. More worrisome, his actions and rhetoric threaten to leave America worse off and more divided. It is for these reasons that I resigned yesterday from the president’s manufacturing council, which the ... Read more

Erie Times-News: Our View: Vacation’s Over, Time To Finish The Budget

* The Senate acted late but responsibly to put forward a revenue plan in July that contains a modest shale gas extraction tax supported by a majority of Pennsylvanians, along with an assortment of less savory remedies, including utility tax hikes, a gambling expansion and borrowing more than $1 billion against a fund meant for ... Read more

Centre Daily Times: State Supreme Court Candidates Visit Centre County

* Todd, who is the first Democratic woman on the court, is running for retention. If she gets it, her seniority will make her likely to be chief justice after the mandatory retirement of two other justices, including current Chief Justice Thomas Saylor, who is also running for retention in November. * Another judge looking ... Read more

Will Scott Wagner And Paul Mango Denounce Donald Trump’s Racism?

Donald Trump has doubled down on defending white supremacists, neo-nazis, and hate groups. Yet Trump supporters and republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Wagner and Paul Mango have refused to denounce the Trump’s abhorrent behavior following the violence, racism, and bigotry that occurred in Charlottesville. “Will Paul Mango and Scott Wagner speak out against President Donald Trump’s ... Read more

MEMO: Charlottesville And The President’s Response

To: Interested Parties From: Marcel L. Groen, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Subject: Charlottesville and the president’s response Date: August 17, 2017 I often wondered why was it so important for me to see the Statue of Liberty when, as a young boy, my family arrived in New York Harbor. I was born in ... Read more

Congressman Barletta Refuses To Denounce Racism, White Supremacy in Charlottesville

Barletta’s Silence Raises More Questions Congressman Barletta has refused to join Republicans and Democrats around the country in unequivocal condemnation of racism, anti-Semitism, and the white supremacist terror displayed in Charlottesville. Deciding whether or not to condemn neo-Nazis should not be difficult, and yet Congressman Barletta has been unable to meet that minimum threshold of ... Read more

Democrats Call On Scott Wagner To End Silence On Violence, Racism And Bigotry In Charlottesville

Today, Democrats from throughout Pennsylvania are calling on Scott Wagner to condemn the racism, bigotry, and violence that occurred in Charlottesville and denouncing his silence on the incident. Here’s what they have to say: Sinceré Harris, executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party “While Democrats and Republicans across the country swiftly condemned bigoted and racist ... Read more

Scott Wagner Refuses To Denounce Violence, Racism, And Bigotry In Charlottesville

Scott Wagner, who is hoping to represent all Pennsylvanians as Governor, has flatly refused to denounce the violence, racism, and bigotry that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend. “While Democrats and Republicans across the country swiftly condemned bigoted and racist behavior, Scott Wagner hasn’t said a word,” said Sinceré Harris, executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic ... Read more

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