Unhinged Ryan Costello Lashes Out As Hopes Of Re-Election Diminish

Ryan Costello has taken the news of Pennsylvania’s new congressional maps poorly, to say the least. He has whined about everyone from the PA Supreme Court to Governor Wolf and has started to sound like a conspiracy theorist — “they rigged it against me!” “Ryan Costello is spiraling out of control. He’s clearly delusional and ... Read more

Will Barletta Reject Endorsement Of State Rep Who Attacked School Shooting Survivors?

Barletta Previously Touted Endorsement of Rep. Metcalfe Today, State Rep. Darryl Metcalfe joined the far-right fringe in attacking the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas and questioning whether or not they were actually students. Rep. Metcalfe was among Congressman Lou Barletta’s earliest endorsers for his Senate campaign. While Congressman Barletta had no trouble overlooking the ... Read more

The Hill: 10 governors shaping the future of politics – Tom Wolf, The Map Maker

* The state Supreme Court last month ordered Republicans to draw new congressional district lines. When the GOP delivered its new proposal to Wolf’s office, he declined to sign off — throwing the maps back to the court, where Democrats believe they will secure a better deal.  * “Partisan gerrymandering weakens citizen power, promotes gridlock ... Read more

Chairman Hanna’s Statement On Pennsylvania’s New Congressional Map

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jack Hanna issued the following statement: “For too long, Republicans have taken advantage of a notoriously gerrymandered map that they rigged in their favor. In order to keep that gerrymander, they have attacked our own state Supreme Court and tried to impeach judges. No longer. Pennsylvanians will finally get a fair ... Read more

Barletta And Trump: A Valentine Pennsylvania Can’t Afford

PA Dems Release Web Video Highlighting a Bad Bromance As Pennsylvanians celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is releasing a new web video highlighting the bad bromance between Donald Trump and Lou Barletta. Watch the video here: A Valentine’s Day Senate Poem Roses are red Our senate seat is blue. Donald J. Trump Is ... Read more

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