Mango Backer Santorum Says Kids Should Learn CPR, Not Fight For New Gun Laws

Yesterday, as millions throughout the United States marched to urge Congress to take action to enact stronger gun safety laws, Paul Mango backer Rick Santorum said that children should not fight for gun reform. Instead, Santorum suggests that children should learn CPR so they can help their friends who have been shot by a violent ... Read more

Pennlive: In Online Ad Campaign, Pa. Democrats Target Republicans Behind Judges’ Impeachment Drive | Friday Morning Coffee

* On Friday, Pennsylvania Democrats launched an online pressure campaign to get GOP leaders to abandon an emerging effort to punish four Democratic justices who voted to toss the state’s congressional map.   * Two, statewide digital advertising campaigns target GOP gubernatorial candidates Scott Wagner and Paul Mango; as well as state House Speaker Mike ... Read more

NEW AUDIO: Wagner Calls For Impeachment Of Justices To Rig Elections

In a radio interview this morning, Scott Wagner urged Pennsylvania House Republicans to continue their push to impeach Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Justices so that Republicans could continue to rig elections. LISTEN HERE:  “Scott Wagner’s call to impeach justices in order to rig elections in Republicans favor shows that he is just another typical Harrisburg ... Read more

Mango And Wagner Supporting Impeachment Of Justices

As Pennsylvania House Republicans move to impeach Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Justices, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner are standing by their side. “Instead of focusing on ways to grow our economy and provide affordable quality health care for Pennsylvanians, Republicans like Mango and Wagner are wasting their time and resources on last ditch efforts to rig ... Read more

PA Democratic Party Statement On GOP’s Attacks On Our Supreme Court

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jack Hanna issued the following statement: “The PA GOP’s call to impeach our democratically-elected justices is completely unprecedented; impeachment is constitutionally defined and reserved for gross misbehavior in office, not for a decision one party does not like. This extreme reaction shows nothing more than Republicans running scared. They know that ... Read more

Phony Paul Mango Can’t Stop Lying To Pennsylvanians

The only thing that’s consistent about Paul Mango is his willingness to lie to the people of Pennsylvania. Just today, Mango was caught lying about his position on Obamacare. Mango has also desperately lied about having a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct, his job creation record, his position on property taxes, and supporting a cult ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On The 2018 Congressional Map

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jack Hanna issued the following statement: “Today’s decisions confirm what we’ve always known — the GOP took advantage of a notoriously gerrymandered map that they rigged in their favor. Pennsylvanians will finally receive a fair map with more competitive districts across the commonwealth, and Democrats intend to compete in each and ... Read more

Mango And Wagner Duke It Out Over Who Is The Biggest Right-Wing Extremist

The Republican gubernatorial primary is getting feisty, but the candidates aren’t talking about the issues that matter most to Pennsylvanians, such as access to quality, affordable health care, job creation, or education growth. Instead, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner have spent their time bickering back and forth about who is the biggest right-wing extremist. Recently, ... Read more

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