Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jack Hanna issued the following statement: “Congratulations to Conor Lamb on a historic win! With a great candidate, an effective campaign, and an electorate that is ready for a new direction, Democrats prevailed in a district that Donald Trump won by 20 points. Let it be known that the Blue Wave ... Read more

VIDEO: Following Trump’s Lead, GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Refuse To Release Tax Returns

This weekend, the Associated Press reported that the Republican candidates for governor are following Trump’s lead and refusing to release their tax returns. “What are the Republican candidates for Governor hiding?” asked Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “By falling in line behind Donald Trump’s corrupt and secretive administration, the Republican candidates ... Read more

PA Democratic Party Statement On Trump’s Visit To Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Sinceré Harris issued the following statement: “Instead of moving Pennsylvania forward, typical politician Rick Saccone wants to join Trump in stripping health care away from Pennsylvanians, shipping Pennsylvania jobs overseas, and taking away workers’ rights. The people of PA-18 deserve a representative who will fight for good jobs, better infrastructure, and ... Read more

Wagner And Mango Will Take Us Back To Corbett’s $1 Billion Cut To Education

Yesterday at a debate in Philadelphia, Paul Mango and Scott Wagner admitted that they would gut public education in Pennsylvania.  “Paul Mango and Scott Wagner want to take us back to the Corbett days when public education was cut by $1 billion, leading to mass teacher layoffs, cuts to important programs like pre-kindergarten, and larger ... Read more

VIDEO: Scott Wagner: “We Should Roll Back Medicaid Expansion”

Today Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner declared that he supports rolling back Medicaid expansion, which would be disastrous for Pennsylvanians. Medicaid expansion provides healthcare for over 720,000 Pennsylvanians, including seniors in nursing homes and over 125,000 people who are suffering from substance use disorder. “As governor, Scott Wagner would deny treatment to those suffering from ... Read more

In Philadelphia, Democrats Call Out Mango And Wagner For Lying About Having “Zero-tolerance” For Sexual Abusers

Today, as the Republican candidates for governor debated at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Rep. Margo Davidson called out Paul Mango and Scott Wagner for lying about having a “zero-tolerance” policy for sexual abusers. Both candidates refused to call for the resignations of Representative Miccarelli, who has been accused of rape and sexual abuse, ... Read more

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