PA Dems Call On Daryl Metcalfe To Resign, This Time Over His Homophobic Remarks

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe has always been a problem in Harrisburg. He has invited white supremacists to the capitol testify on behalf of his positions, defended white nationalists, and refused to condemn racist violence. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has previously called upon Metcalfe to resign over his repeated racism. In addition to being racist, Metcalfe ... Read more

Trump Endorses An Accused Child Molester. Does Barletta?

Does Barletta Stand With Trump And Roy Moore Or With Mitch McConnell? Today, President Donald Trump endorsed Roy Moore’s candidacy after Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct with multiple minors. Senate Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Cory Gardner, who recruited Congressman Barletta to run, have called for Moore to be expelled should he win. ... Read more

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On The GOP Tax Plan

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Sinceré Harris issued the following statement on the GOP’s tax plan: “The Republican’s tax plan, passed in the cover of night and without any public review whatsoever, simply proves their hypocrisy. Republicans campaign by telling middle-class Americans that they will protect their interests, but then stab them in the back ... Read more

Senator Toomey Gives Betsy DeVos Tax Break On Backs Of Pennsylvanians

As Republicans debated late Friday night on a tax plan that will add $1 trillion to the deficit, give tax breaks to the wealthy, and devastate health care plans for millions of Americans, Senator Pat Toomey slipped into the plan a tax exemption for a Michigan college for his good friend, Betsy DeVos. “It is ... Read more

York Dispatch: EDITORIAL: Toomey Fails To Lead On Tax Plan

* Toomey and his GOP brethren aren’t concerned about helping the vast majority of Pennsylvanians, or middle class taxpayers elsewhere. They’re concerned with being able to point to a legislative accomplishment — any legislative accomplishment — after a year of running both Houses of Congress and the White House… Even if they have to mislead ... Read more

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