Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Trump’s Visit To Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement today in response to President Trump’s speech on taxes in Harrisburg: “As has become a pattern by the president, his rhetoric does not equate to reality. Since day one of his presidency, Donald Trump has put special interests ahead of the middle and working ... Read more

GOP House Led By Turzai And Reed Are Failing Pennsylvanians Every Day

Earlier this week, Governor Wolf took decisive action to end the House Republicans’ manufactured budget debacle and to move on from the Republicans’ repeated failure and obstruction. Throughout the week, editorials and leaders around Pennsylvania have joined Gov. Wolf in chastising the House Republicans for their failure to act. “Mike Turzai and Dave Reed are ... Read more

Erie Times-News: Our View: Wolf Takes The Reins In Budget Fight

* The GOP-controlled House, however, refused to take it up and after failing to pass its own revenue package, left Harrisburg for a six-week vacation. Their return to the state capital delivered only more failure to responsibly fund the spending it has already approved. * When a GOP-backed hotel tax and a warehouse tax failed ... Read more

Hazleton Standard Speaker: Obstruction That’s Costly

* State lawmakers shuffled back to the Capitol Monday to resume the hard work of failing to pass a budget that they were supposed to finish by July 1. Meanwhile, state Sen. Scott Wagner of York County, who is seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination, has offered some insight into the legislative malpractice. * At a ... Read more

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