Host a House Party

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party encourages Democrats throughout the Commonwealth to organize in their communities. One way to organize is to hold a house party.

Make It Fun

Being a Democrat is fun! Provide a social lively atmosphere with food and drink. Also, have some bumper stickers, buttons, prizes and yard signs to give to your guests. Food, drink and fun are always a hit!

Getting The Word Out

Make up a flyer announcing a Democratic house party with the date, time, and location. Post in public forums and hand out as widely as possible. Contact the local and state Democratic Party, community organizations, and candidate campaign headquarters announcing the party. 


Be sure to get RSVPs! On flyers and ads announcing events, be sure to RSVP information. That way, you’ll know how many people will be attending to best plan for space, food, and materials.

Get Local Politicians to Come and Speak

Politicians love opportunities to reach more voters. Contact local politicians and candidates and invite them to the house party. Also try to get people from community organizations, including non-profits to attend, speak and mingle.

Circulate A Sign-In Sheet

Be sure to have a sign-in sheet for people to fill out with contact information. This will help you build e-mail and phone bank lists as well as recruit volunteers.

Follow Up

After the event, contact all the people who signed in. Ask for advice on how to improve the next house party and how to reach more people. Tell everyone to BRING ONE PERSON to get more people involved at the next event. Build a list-serve to notify people of future events and opportunities to volunteer.

Keep us Informed

Keep the state party informed about your event including the attendance. Take pictures of the party for us to put up on our Web site. We can build valuable networks and publicity around the debate parties and make participants feel more connected to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

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