What Can VoteBuilder Do For You?

What is VoteBuilder?

VoteBuilder, one of the most valuable services offered by the PA Democratic Party, is the online database which holds the voter file (all of the registered voters in Pennsylvania).   In other words, this database contains the names and other important information about registered voters – information that we can use to target likely voters for Democratic campaigns.  

Using VoteBuilder is an essential part of any winning campaign.  It is an important resource tool because of its ability to target and locate specific voters.

VoteBuilder users, campaigns and County Committees can find information about individual voters, identify groups of likely voters and turn those groups into walk or call lists, and enter the data from those completed lists.  Through a separate section called “My Campaign,” VoteBuilder can be used to track and manage volunteers.

VoteBuilder is operated by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party in partnership with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has the exclusive agreement with the DNC to provide VoteBuilder to subscribing Democratic candidates and County Committees throughout the Commonwealth.

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Who can use VoteBuilder?

There is no race too big (statewide and congressional races) or too small (county-wide, precinct-wide, school board races, etc.) for VoteBuilder.  Barack Obama’s campaign uses the system all over the country. Statewide Democratic candidates since 2007 have used VoteBuilder, as have state senators, state representatives, county candidates, mayors, and more.

Qualified Democratic candidates for any office in Pennsylvania, whether statewide, congressional, county-wide or smaller, may access VoteBuilder if they sign an agreement with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and pay the scheduled fee to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party (in accordance with FEC guidelines).

What can I do with VoteBuilder?

VoteBuilder contains information on all voters in Pennsylvania, including name, voting and mail address, party, age, phone number, voting history, and more.

VoteBuilder’s voter lists and other information are updated three or more times a year using voter registration data from the Pennsylvania Department of State.  

Additionally, the basic voter registration information is enhanced with data obtained from other sources (including campaign activity), such as additional phone numbers, address corrections, certain consumer information, issue or candidate support tags, and other targeting data. 

The system can be used to create walk, mailing and phone lists for subscribing campaigns.  Data can be entered by logging into VoteBuilder through your regular computer and web browser, or through applications run by iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches or Palm Pilots.

Campaigns with VoteBuilder access can work with PA Democratic Party staff to obtain lists for paid communication (mail, phones, etc.).  

There are different levels of VoteBuilder use, specifically varying levels of campaign privacy of your lists or data.  Please contact the PA Democratic Party at justin@padems.com for more information about the different account types available.

What do I need to use VoteBuilder?

You need a computer and an internet connection. VoteBuilder can be accessed using any modern web browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.

How do I learn how to use VoteBuilder?

Democratic candidates and committee members who have access to VoteBuilder have access to weekly training and support opportunities from experienced support personnel.  Various guides and other training materials are available for a variety of subjects – contact justin@padems.com for assistance.

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Users should contact their campaign or committee administrator first with troubleshooting issues.  If the issues can’t be resolved, users can contact the PA Democratic Party VoteBuilder administrator.  

How do I get access to VoteBuilder?

If you are a Democratic precinct committee person or a state committee member, you can have access to VoteBuilder for your precinct or area as part of your Democratic County Committee’s VoteBuilder account.  Contact your County Chair with further inquiries.

Campaign access to Pennsylvania VoteBuilder (and the registered voters per specific district) is regulated by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. To be a permitted user, a political committee or candidate must:

  •  Be for the benefit of the Democratic Party and/or Democratic political committees (endorsement rules may apply for certain counties for local/county races).
  • Be authorized to use VoteBuilder by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and/or Democratic County Committees.
    • NOTE - If you are a candidate for a state Legislative seat, please contact either the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee or the House Democratic Campaign Committee directly.  All VoteBuilder access for legislative races is managed by either caucus campaign committee.
  • Sign a VoteBuilder usage agreement.
  • Pay the required fees.

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For more information, please contact Justin Korczynski at justin@padems.com or (717) 920-8470.