On the Issues

Democratic National Platform

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party follows the Democratic National Platform.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement on Gov. Corbett's New Web Ad

"Tom Corbett's new campaign ad cannot possibly hide his disastrous economic record. Since Tom Corbett became governor, Pennsylvania has dropped from 7th in the nation in job creation to 46th, the rest of the nation has created jobs faster than the Commonwealth, and 18,000 teachers have lost their jobs."

Jobs and the Economy

Democrats in Pennsylvania are working hard to get our economy back on track, create jobs, and fight for the middle class. At a time when our economy is struggling, Democrats know that this must be a number one priority.

Voting Rights

Democrats are committed to protecting the right to vote for all. Republicans are currently trying to restrict the right to vote and rewrite the rules for their partisan advantage, and continue to focus on political games instead of bringing jobs back to Pennsylvania.


Democrats are fighting to improve our schools. Students in Pennsylvania need strong educations to make sure they can get good jobs in our state. Over the past eight years, our schools have improved and Democrats are fighting to keep the gains we have made so students are able to get a strong education to get their careers on the right track - especially those entering the job market in the struggling economy.


Democrats will stand up for seniors by protecting Medicare and Social Security while fighting Republican attempts to dismantle the programs.


Democrats are committed to protecting our land and water. With the recent Marcellus Shale drilling boom, there is an even greater need to make sure we protect our resources. But Republicans are more focused on the needs of their top donors than our state forests, drinking water and property.

Government Reform and Transparency

Tom Corbett said he’d bring reform to Harrisburg, but all we have seen are scandal and more politics as usual.