Voting Rights

Democrats are committed to protecting the right to vote for all. Republicans are currently trying to restrict the right to vote and rewrite the rules for their partisan advantage, and continue to focus on political games instead of bringing jobs back to Pennsylvania.

Electoral College

Republicans in Harrisburg have proposed a plans to change how Pennsylvania votes for president. The plan would allocate our electoral votes by either congressional district or by proportional votes instead of through a statewide popular vote. The Governor and state legislature in Harrisburg are trying to change the rules on how we elect the President. It’s up to voters to decide at the ballot box who is President -- not the Governor or the state legislature in Harrisburg.

If the system were to be changed in this way, it would mean that Pennsylvania would no longer be a battleground state with a big prize. Under the Republican plan we would lose influence, our concerns would be less well-known to presidents, and we would lose the millions of dollars in revenue to Pennsylvanians that candidates spend here every cycle.

Voter ID

Republicans in Harrisburg passed a bill that would require all voters to present a photo ID every time they vote. Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem - there have been almost no cases of voter fraud in the history of Pennsylvania elections. Instead of making the process fairer, this plan would disenfranchise vulnerable populations, like seniors, minorities, and youth, who are less likely to have photo IDs. It would also make it more difficult for all Pennsylvanians to exercise their right to vote at a time when we should be encouraging more voting, not less.

Voter ID would also be costly to the state of Pennsylvania at a time when the state can least afford it. The legislation would cost our taxpayers over $11 million to implement.