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Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On The Election

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement: “We wish we could celebrate the election of Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty. But the people of the United States and the people of Pennsylvania have spoken, and we respect their decisions. So we will work with President-elect Trump and Senator Toomey, because that ... Read more

Pat Toomey Soundly Rebuked For Trying To Feign Support From President Obama

In a last-ditch effort to court moderates who are less than impressed with his hyper partisan record and self-serving attempts to avoid telling voters whether he will vote for serial sexual assailant Donald Trump, Pat Toomey this week released an ad in which he tried to claim support from President Barack Obama. Within hours, President ... Read more

ICYMI: The Erie Times-News Endorses Josh Shapiro For Attorney General

* We find Shapiro — possessing a humane, expansive vision of the needs of this state and innovative strategies to address them — the best candidate to reorient a justice system degraded at the highest levels. * Shapiro’s platform includes traditional criminal justice priorities, but also offers a more fully developed vision that is smartly ... Read more

AP: Obama criticizes Toomey over ad in Senate race

Associated Press: Obama criticizes Toomey over ad in Senate race President Barack Obama is pushing back against Republican Sen. Pat Toomey’s use of the Democrat’s words in a campaign ad for his Senate race. Obama responded Saturday to a Toomey campaign TV ad that shows Obama speaking outside the White House in 2013 and thanking ... Read more

“History Will Remember Which Republicans Failed The Trump Test”

Yesterday, Pat Toomey stumbled and stammered his way through a series of ten simple questions that tens of millions of Americans have already answered: Donald Trump for President or not? Yet again, Fraidy-Pat was roundly ridiculed for thinking he can get away with not telling his constituents where he stands with just days until the ... Read more

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