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Candidate Spotlight: Matt Darragh


Matt Darragh is a candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 170th Legislative District. He was born in the Northeast Philadelphia and raised in a union household as the youngest of four children. His father earned a quality wage as a union carpenter, which afforded Matt the opportunity to attend Saint Anselm’s School and later Archbishop Ryan High. ... Read more

Candidate Spotlight: Josh Shapiro


Josh Shapiro is a candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General – the Commonwealth’s top law enforcement official. As Attorney General, Josh would have a wide range of responsibility to protect and serve the citizens and agencies of the Commonwealth, including oversight of the office’s three main divisions: Criminal Law Division Public Protection Division Civil Law Division Josh ... Read more

Trump fortifies anti-LGBT positions, taps Santorum as adviser

Donald Trump, who chose the homophobic Mike Pence to be his running mate and promised to nominate a Supreme Court justice who will overturn the right to marry for same-sex couples, has now asked Rick Santorum — Pennsylvania’s most famous homophobe — to join his campaign as an adviser. Donald Trump once told his supporters ... Read more

WATCH: Toomey’s Fraudulent Tune Change On Wall Street Accountability

Pat Toomey’s unrighteous indignation at a hearing on the Wells Fargo scandal should be nominated for a Razzie. The Senator called the bank’s fraudulent behavior “unbelievable” and “deeply disturbing,” acting as if he was a modern day Ralph Nader, crusading against corporate crimes. The truth is Toomey opposes the existence of the agency that held ... Read more

Roundup: Democrats Across Pennsylvania Protest Donald Trump

Donald Trump brought his campaign to Pennsylvania yesterday, bringing his divisive rhetoric and disastrous policies with him. Pennsylvania Democrats in Pittsburgh and in Chester Township were on hand to call out the Republican nominee. Trump’s policies would cost nearly 3.5 million jobs (135,000 in Pennsylvania) nationwide and run up $30 trillion in debt. Trump has ... Read more

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op-Ed Slams Toomey On Wells Fargo Scandal

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen wrote an op-ed in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the choice in the Senate race. He correctly framed the election as a clear contrast between two candidates with opposing views on how to protect working families from Wall Street greed, and how we grow the economy in a way that ... Read more

Toomey Blasted For His Terrible Trade Record: ‘Toomey Wrote The Free-Trade Bible’

Fetterman: “Toomey wrote the free-trade bible.” McClelland: “Time and time again, he’s sided with China … because ‘it’s just cheaper.’ Well, we’re not working to be the cheapest country on the planet, we’re working to be the greatest.”  Fetterman: “Everybody knows that Pat Toomey and Wall Street are the greatest love story since ‘The Notebook.’” ... Read more

Candidate Spotlight: Christina Hartman


Christina Hartman is a candidate for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district. The daughter of a first grade teacher and store manager, Christina was raised in Lancaster County, which gave her a first-class public school education and a lifelong commitment to community service. After graduating from college, Christina built a career advancing freedom and promoting democracy ... Read more

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