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Lancaster Newspapers: FCC Decision To Gut Net Neutrality Will Face ‘Serious Legal Challenges’ From Pennsylvania Attorney General

* State Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced plans Thursday to take legal action against the Federal Communications Commission’s recent repeal of net neutrality rules. These rules required internet, phone and cable providers to treat websites of all sizes equally while allowing the federal government to regulate high-speed internet delivery like a utility. * “The vote ... Read more

Pittsburgh City Paper: Pittsburgh-area U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle Really Wants To Keep Net Neutrality Alive

* Democrats, like Doyle, believe that repealing the rules will hurt consumers. “Congressman Doyle believes that Net Neutrality rules protect consumers who use the internet, promote competition among online business service providers, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship — all leading to increased economic growth and improved standards of living,” reads a statement from Doyle’s office ... Read more

Scranton Times-Tribune: Permanently Fund Children’s Health Insurance

* Thanks to CHIP, the uninsured rate for children has fallen to a record low of 4.5 percent. More than 300,000 children across Pennsylvania rely on CHIP for their health care needs.  * When the House voted in early December to avoid a government shutdown, I wanted to include a long-term solution for CHIP. But, ... Read more

Moore’s Defeat Does Not Erase Barletta’s Record Of Silence And Complicity

From Trump to Moore, Congressman Barletta Stands with Republicans Accused of Sexual Assault Once again, Congressman Lou Barletta chose silence and complicity instead of taking a stand and doing the right thing. From the Alabama Senate race to the Access Hollywood tape, Barletta believes that when it comes to allegations of sexual harassment or assault, ... Read more

Scott Wagner Thrilled About Support From A Child Molester’s Savior

White nationalist leader and Scott Wagner endorser Steve Bannon is being credited as the savior of child molester Roy Moore’s campaign. Bannon has headlined rallies and Moore himself even called Bannon, “the master strategist.” Back in September, Scott Wagner received an endorsement from Bannon and even “plane-pooled” with him on a chartered flight out of ... Read more GOP Tax Plan Would Cut Jobs, Increase Tax Burden, And Raise Insurance Premiums For Philly | Mayor Kenney

* Residents of the Philadelphia region will pay more in taxes and get fewer community improvements if the Trump administration’s tax bill passes. * This bill also eliminates the student loan deduction, the employer-provided child care credit, and the credit for expenditures for disabled individuals. To end all those credits and deductions for working people ... Read more

Rick Saccone Stands By Accused Child Molester Roy Moore

Rick Saccone seems to be struggling to find the words to condemn accused child molester Roy Moore. When asked by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette whether or not he believes Moore’s victims, “Mr. Saccone did not respond to a phone call or text message about the press conference on Wednesday afternoon, or to follow-up efforts to reach ... Read more

Congressman Barletta Dodges Candidate Forum Like He Dodges Town Halls

Is Barletta Scared Of Defending His Disastrous Tax Plan? Is He Worried He’ll Have To Answer for His Silence On Roy Moore? Tomorrow, Congressman Lou Barletta will be anywhere but the Blair County Republican U.S. Senate Candidate forum. While hiding from voters is nothing new for a Congressman who refuses to hold town halls, Barletta’s ... Read more

Mike Turzai Has The Most Mike Turzai Week Ever

Mr. Harrisburg himself, Mike Turzai, just pulled off the most Mike Turzai week ever. Turzai has spent the week saying he has “always been the outsider who broke in,” while simultaneously killing a bill that would stop legislators from collecting a taxpayer funded per diem on days they are campaigning and refusing to make a ... Read more

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