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Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner Believes No One is Paid Minimum Wage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 13, 2017   CONTACT: Preston Maddock,   HARRISBURG INSIDER SCOTT WAGNER BELIEVES NO ONE IS PAID MINIMUM WAGE 54,000 Pennsylvanians Make Minimum Wage   PENNSYLVANIA — During Scott Wagner’s campaign tour to take Pennsylvania backward, the Harrisburg insider showed how out of touch he is with working families across the ... Read more

If Scott Wagner Wins, Pennsylvania Families Lose

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 11, 2017   CONTACT: Preston Maddock,     Scott Wagner Launches Campaign to Take Pennsylvania Backwards    PENNSYLVANIA — The Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following statement on Scott Wagner’s decision to run for governor in 2018:  “Scott Wagner represents everything that’s wrong with the legislature in Harrisburg, and he promises to take us ... Read more

Affordable Health Care Act Stories from Pennsylvania

ACA Healthcare Stories from Pennsylvania

More than 20 million Americans have received health coverage since the inception of the Affordable Care Act 6 years ago. We know it’s good for the country, and for the 625,000 Pennsylvanians who enrolled in Medicaid expansion that Governor Wolf brought shortly after he took office. Republican legislators have voted dozens of times to repeal the ... Read more

On Swearing In Day, Radical Pat Meehan’s 4th Term Agenda Revealed

Massive Tax Giveaways for the Wealthy and Big Corporations at the Expense of the Middle Class   Bringing Back the Rigged Rules that Allowed Wall Street to Crash the Economy in 2008  Health Care Coverage for 1 million Pennsylvanians Gone, Higher Prescription Drug Costs for Seniors Will Kick in Today, Congressman Pat Meehan will be ... Read more

Did Pennsylvania Republicans Vote To Gut The Office Of Congressional Ethics?

In their first act of 2017, Congressional Republicans secretly voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, the independent watchdog organization that oversees the behavior and actions of and investigates criminal conduct by members of congress. This office is the entity that ensures accountability and transparency in the U.S. Congress, and without it, members of ... Read more

Radical Pat Meehan’s New Year’s Resolutions

Radical Congressman Pat Meehan, who in December bragged that “lots of rich people” want him to run for U.S. Senate is gearing up for a new year with new radical goals. What could be on his agenda? Jacking up health care premiums for middle class families in Pennsylvania – According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget ... Read more

What’s On Radical Pat Meehan’s Christmas List? An End To Health Care Coverage For 1 Million Pennsylvanians

Radical Meehan Stocking Stuffers for Pennsylvanians: empowering insurance companies to deny health care coverage because of a pre-existing condition, ending subsidies that help middle class Pennsylvanians afford health care and kicking young adults off their parents’ health insurance Meehan’s Replacement Plan? A Big Lump of Coal With just two days to go before Christmas, radical ... Read more

Scott Wagner Stunt Can’t Cover Up His Record Of Abandoning Pennsylvania Workers

On Monday, State Senator Scott Wagner performed a typical Harrisburg political stunt in an attempt to divert attention from his role in closing three unemployment call centers: York Dispatch: Wagner gives $150 to some furloughed employees Wagner has been a primary focus of criticism among the furloughed workers and their unions after the Senate failed ... Read more

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