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In MontCo, Rep. Madeleine Dean Challenges Mango And Wagner For Supporting 30% Premium Increases On Pennsylvanians

Today, as Republican gubernatorial candidates hold their first forum of the primary, Representative Madeleine Dean (HD-153) challenged Paul Mango and Scott Wagner for supporting 30 percent premium increases on Pennsylvanians and backing Republican health care plans that would be devastating for hard-working middle-class Pennsylvanians, people with pre-existing conditions and substance use disorders, women, and seniors ... Read more

Congressman Barletta Must Choose: McConnell Or Bannon

Recruited by McConnell, Barletta Can’t Have it Both Ways Congressman Lou Barletta can no longer hide from the question: will he support Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader? This morning, details emerged that Congressman Barletta, who was recruited to run by Mitch McConnell, recently met with Steve Bannon in an effort to solicit support for ... Read more

Fox43: PA Democrats Voice Displeasure Over Health Care Executive Orders

* Democrats in the commonwealth are expressing their concern over recent executive orders by President Donald Trump that have changed the health care landscape. Rep. Dave Frankel said he believes actions by the Trump administration are “undermining” the successes of Obamacare. “Make no mistake, this is an attempt to basically sabotage everything that has been ... Read more

Donald Trump Raises Pennsylvania’s Insurance Rates By 30%

Donald Trump declared war on hard-working families last week by ending payments that help keep health insurance premiums low for millions of Americans, which, in turn, has caused Pennsylvania’s insurance rates to rise by 30%. “Donald Trump and Pennsylvania Republicans are responsible for sabotaging the health care system and raising costs for Pennsylvania families, gutting ... Read more

Wagner And Mango Backed Health Care Plan Causes PA Premiums To Go Up 30%

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department announced that due to Donald Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act, premiums for 85,000 Pennsylvanians will go up by 30%. Scott Wagner and Paul Mango are both supportive of Trump’s sabotage plan that is going to be absolutely devastating to Pennsylvanians. “Both Right-wing Wagner and so-called health care expert ... Read more

Trump-Barletta Plan Brings 30% Insurance Rate Increase To PA Families

“For them to say that anything we will do will raise premiums in Pennsylvania is laughable.” – Lou Barletta, 9/27/17. Today, Pennsylvania’s Insurance Commissioner announced that in response to President Trump’s decision to suspend cost-sharing reduction payments, Pennsylvania families face a 30% increase in insurance rates. This comes just three weeks after Congressman Barletta dismissed the ... Read more

Explore Clarion: Clarion County Democrats Welcome State Justice Debra Todd

* County Chairman Joe Billotte emphasized the need from all Democrats to vote on November 7 in the general elections. In addition to some county, local school board, and borough and township races, statewide judicial races include Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Commonwealth Court. * State Justice Debra Todd is running for retention in Pennsylvania’s ... Read more

Will Barletta Help Trump Sabotage Health Care?

Following President Trump’s decision to end Cost-Sharing Reduction payments in an effort to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, Pennsylvanians deserve to know where Congressman Lou Barletta stands. “Will Congressman Barletta be a rubber stamp for President Trump’s effort to sabotage our health care system or will he stand up and fight back?” said Pennsylvania Democratic ... Read more

Paul Mango Is Thrilled About Tax Hikes For Middle-Class Pennsylvanians

Yesterday, Paul Mango voiced his support for Donald Trump’s plan to raise taxes on Pennsylvanians middle-class.  “Paul Mango wants to see middle-class Pennsylvanians’ taxes go up so that the one percent can get a tax cut,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “He wants middle-class families to pay more than millionaires ... Read more

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