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AP: Wolf: Pennsylvanians Will ‘Get Hurt’ If Budget Isn’t Funded

* “I’ve been trying to make ends meet, but the string of things I can do really runs out next Friday,” Wolf told interviewers during a regularly scheduled appearance on KDKA-AM radio in Pittsburgh. “So I don’t know why this brinksmanship seems to be something that’s attractive to some of the members of the House ... Read more

Congressman Barletta’s Campaign Rollout Debacle

Congressman Lou Barletta’s month-long campaign rollout tripped out of the starting gate and still hasn’t recovered. As the Congressman lurches from one self-inflicted controversy to another, he faces mounting questions about his ability to win the Republican primary and to raise enough money to compete statewide. Here are some of the highlights from Congressman Barletta’s ... Read more

MEMO: House Republicans Blow Past Own Budget Deadline With No Plan And No Urgency

TO: Interested PartiesFROM: Sinceré Harris, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic PartySUBJECT: House Republicans Blow Past Own Budget Deadline with No Plan and No UrgencyDATE: August 30, 2017 Pennsylvania’s House Republican leadership has had quite the summer: While they have yet to hold a single vote to complete the state budget, their summer has been ... Read more

PA Dems Launch Statewide Digital Ad Campaign Welcoming Barletta to Senate Race

Today, following Lou Barletta’s Senate campaign announcement, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party released a digital ad highlighting the Congressman’s support of unfair trade deals and the brutal, expensive Republican primary he’s facing. The targeted ad campaign will run statewide on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to watch the ad:  “Congressman Lou Barletta has never met an ... Read more

PA Dems Statement On Barletta’s Campaign Announcement

Today, following Congressman Lou Barletta’s Senate campaign announcement, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele released the following statement: “If Congressman Lou Barletta thinks voting to raise health care costs for seniors, gut protections for those with preexisting conditions, and send premiums skyrocketing will earn him a promotion, he’s in for a rude awakening. Congressman Barletta ... Read more Clout: Wagner (Again) Tangles With Tracker In Pa. Race For Governor

* Wagner, who just that day had published an op-ed on, knocking Democrats for suggesting he was too slow to respond to the violence sparked by a white-supremacist march in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12, started talking about George Soros, the billionaire conservatives love to hate for making major financial donations to liberal political ... Read more

Toomey Caught Up In Campaign Finance Scandal

Senator Pat Toomey received more than $10,000 from major GOP-donor Richard Stephenson. However, according to new FEC documents, Stephenson reimbursed himself for those donations, making the contributions illegal. Read the key points: POLITICO Pro: Major GOP donor admits to campaign finance law violations A chain of for-profit hospitals owned by a major GOP donor admitted ... Read more

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