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Pennsylvanians Protest Ivanka Trump’s Visit To Push GOP Tax Plan

Democrats and activists gathered outside of Ivanka Trump’s visit to Bucks County today to protest her father’s tax plan, which would hurt most lower and middle-income Pennsylvanians and cause 30% of middle class families to pay higher taxes. The White House can’t even promise that taxes won’t go up for middle-and-working-class families, all while 80% ... Read more

Philadelphia Tribune: Judge Woodruff Ready To Blaze Another Trail

* Judge Dwayne D. Woodruff is used to blazing trails. He did so as a member of Pittsburgh Steelers, when the former defensive back helped the Steelers win a Super Bowl in 1980, the first of his 12 seasons with the team, one as team captain. He found time during his playing days to earn ... Read more

Erie Times-News: Editorial Board: Dahlkemper Is Best Choice To Lead Erie County

* The Erie Times-News Editorial Board strongly endorses Kathy Dahlkemper, the Democratic incumbent, over Republican nominee Art Oligeri. Dahlkemper can point to an impressive list of achievements over the past four years, and clearly outpaces her opponent in terms of mastery of county operations and issues, vision for the region’s future, and positioning the county ... Read more

Activists Slam Ryan Costello’s Entanglement In DEA/Pharma Scandal

Today, activists and community leaders held a press conference outside Representative Ryan Costello’s office to hold him accountable for cosponsoring a bill that crippled the DEA’s ability to stem the flow of prescription narcotics—selling his constituents out for $300,000 in Pharma money at the same fatal overdoses in Pennsylvania were skyrocketing 37% in 2016 alone. ... Read more

In MontCo, Rep. Madeleine Dean Challenges Mango And Wagner For Supporting 30% Premium Increases On Pennsylvanians

Today, as Republican gubernatorial candidates hold their first forum of the primary, Representative Madeleine Dean (HD-153) challenged Paul Mango and Scott Wagner for supporting 30 percent premium increases on Pennsylvanians and backing Republican health care plans that would be devastating for hard-working middle-class Pennsylvanians, people with pre-existing conditions and substance use disorders, women, and seniors ... Read more

Congressman Barletta Must Choose: McConnell Or Bannon

Recruited by McConnell, Barletta Can’t Have it Both Ways Congressman Lou Barletta can no longer hide from the question: will he support Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader? This morning, details emerged that Congressman Barletta, who was recruited to run by Mitch McConnell, recently met with Steve Bannon in an effort to solicit support for ... Read more

Fox43: PA Democrats Voice Displeasure Over Health Care Executive Orders

* Democrats in the commonwealth are expressing their concern over recent executive orders by President Donald Trump that have changed the health care landscape. Rep. Dave Frankel said he believes actions by the Trump administration are “undermining” the successes of Obamacare. “Make no mistake, this is an attempt to basically sabotage everything that has been ... Read more

Donald Trump Raises Pennsylvania’s Insurance Rates By 30%

Donald Trump declared war on hard-working families last week by ending payments that help keep health insurance premiums low for millions of Americans, which, in turn, has caused Pennsylvania’s insurance rates to rise by 30%. “Donald Trump and Pennsylvania Republicans are responsible for sabotaging the health care system and raising costs for Pennsylvania families, gutting ... Read more

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