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Pennsylvania Democratic Party Statement On Barletta’s Senate Bid Announcement

Today, following Congressman Lou Barletta’s announcement that he’s running for Senate, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesman Max Steele released the following statement: “If Congressman Lou Barletta thinks voting to raise health care costs for seniors, gut protections for those with preexisting conditions, and send premiums skyrocketing will earn him a promotion, he’s in for a rude ... Read more

Pennlive: Friends Call This GOP Guv Hopeful A ‘Job-Creator.’ His Old Firm Helped Companies Shed Workers By The Hundreds

* That’s because despite making extravagant claims about Mango’s skills as a job-creator, Mango’s campaign couldn’t produce a single example – anywhere in Pennsylvania – where he had done that. In fact, the record of Mango’s former employer, McKinsey & Co, suggests that they are wizards in the black arts of corporate downsizing. * We ... Read more

Chairman Groen’s Statement On The Republicans’ Disastrous Health Care Plan

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement: “The failure of this heartless health care plan is a testament to the millions of people across the country who spoke up, said that this was unacceptable, and reaffirmed that every American should have access to affordable quality, health care. This was a disastrous ... Read more

Scranton Times-Tribune: Turzai Should Get House Out Of Way

* This deficit is the product of Turzai’s watch, not Wolf’s. Each of the governor’s budget proposals has achieved balance through a combination of government restructuring, a long overdue tax on natural gas production and broad structural tax reform — all of which has been rejected by Turzai’s caucus because it would offend favored interests. ... Read more

Senator Toomey To Vote On Health Care Plan Without Knowing What That Plan Is

Today, the Senate Republicans’ are moving forward with a vote on their disastrous health care plan despite overwhelming opposition from the American people and health care experts and absolutely no transparency. In fact, Senator Toomey doesn’t even know which version of this disastrous plan he’s voting on. “It’s clear that Pat Toomey has no regard ... Read more

Roundup: Budget Delay Is Mike Turzai’s Fault

To advance his own political ambitions, Speaker of the House Mike Turzai has derailed budget negotiations and ignored the input of his own members. Here’s what news outlets around Pennsylvania are saying: Check out the coverage below: “It’s Mike Turzai’s fault: The House Speaker, who’s supposed to announce his gubernatorial candidacy like any day now, ... Read more

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