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Timeline: Paul Mango Aligns With Anti-LGBTQ, AR-15 Worshiping Cult

Yesterday, Pennsylvania was in the national news, and not for a good reason. The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, an anti-LGBTQ cult who believes AR-15s symbolize the ‘rod of iron,’ held an AR-15 worshiping ceremony. And one of the cult’s allies, Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango, said nothing about it. Here’s a timeline of Paul ... Read more

Representative Nick Miccarelli Must Resign

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jack Hanna issued the following statement: “The assault and harassment claims alleged against Nick Miccarelli are some of the most horrific and egregious charges asserted against any State public official in recent memory. He is unfit to serve in Harrisburg. No one should ever endure this type of abuse perpetrated by ... Read more

VIDEO: Scott Wagner Says Protecting Medicaid “Above His Pay Grade”

Scott Wagner claims he’s a sharp shooter who doesn’t back down from a fight, but when asked if he would protect Medicaid expansion which provides healthcare for over 720,000 Pennsylvanians, including over 125,000 people who are suffering from substance use disorder, he claims that the issue is “above his pay grade.” “If self-proclaimed straight talking ... Read more

Barletta Opposes Bipartisan Bill To Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of Terrorists

Last week, Congressman Lou Barletta held a campaign event at a gun show and touted the endorsement of an organization that wants to put more guns in schools. Now Congressman Barletta has come out against the bipartisan Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act, introduced by Senator Pat Toomey. Read the Reading Eagle story here: “Congressman Barletta’s opposition ... Read more

Paul Mango Must Immediately Fire Family Values Director After Anti-LGBTQ Remarks

Today, the Pittsburgh City Paper reported that Paul Mango sent the director of his Faith, Family, and Pennsylvania Values coalition, Carla D’Addesi, onto the show of his allied cult leader. During the show, D’Addesi spews disgusting anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and even slanders Acting Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine. Paul Mango was recently criticized for participating ... Read more

Pittsburgh City Paper: A Booster For Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Mango Spouts Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric On Controversial Podcast

* In January, business consultant and gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango (R-Pine Township) participated in a video interview with the controversial Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, the leader of a far-right Christian church in Northeastern Pennsylvania that worships AR-15 automatic rifles. * On Feb. 15, a volunteer and campaign booster for Mango made an appearance on Moon’s ... Read more

MEMO: Let’s Cut To The Chase: The PA GOP Cheats

To: Editorial Page Editors From: Sinceré Harris, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Subject: Let’s Cut To the Chase: The PA GOP Cheats Date: February 26, 2018 Republicans are increasingly desperate to silence the voice of Pennsylvanians by protecting their unfair advantage in Pennsylvania through gerrymandering. While espousing “rule of law,” Republicans have launched ... Read more

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