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Join the PCN live call-in show with the State Committee Chairs; Jim Burn (D) and Rob Gleason (R).


Speaking of bad ideas Tom Corbett was forced to bail on: last year, Tom Corbett refused to accept Medicaid expansion that would provide health coverage for nearly 500,000 Pennsylvanians.

Corbett didn't even know the requirements in the bill he supported.

Remember, Corbett told PA women "just close your eyes" during an invasive mandatory ultrasound. When you head to the polls, keep your eyes open -- and boot Tom Corbett out!


You could hear a pin drop on Chryst Field at Biemesderfer Stadium when Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett finished his commencement speech Saturday at Millersville University. Normally, such speeches elicit rowdy applause from the students awaiting their diplomas. Not this time.


I challenge members of the Corbett administration to come to Philadelphia and spend a day in a classroom without books, supplies, proper staffing, assistant principals, counselors or librarians.


With two state legislators at his side Friday, Pennsylvania State Education Association regional Vice President Jeff Ney said public schools are not being funded at adequate levels and that’s the wrong message to be sending.