Press Releases


Today, The Fix named Tom Corbett the most vulnerable governor in the country for the 9th month in a row.


This morning, Tom Corbett delivered his official budget address was more about his reelection campaign than the future of our Commonwealth. Throughout his tenure as Governor, Tom Corbett has often preached fiscal responsibility as a road to recovery for Pennsylvania.


Philadelphia, PA - This weekend, Pennsylvania Democrats will hold their State Committee and Endorsement Meeting in Hershey. The party will offer trainings, receptions, and events for attendees.


Next week, Tom Corbett will be unveiling his election year budget proposal, an occasion which warrants a look back at whether he has kept the promises he made as a candidate and in his first three budgets. During his 2010 campaign, Tom Corbett promised that if he was elected governor, he would "move quickly and effectively to restart Pennsylvania's stalled economy.


Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn released the following statement regarding today's Voter ID ruling: "Today, a judge ruled that Tom Corbett's controversial Voter ID presented an "unreasonable burden" to voters.


Yesterday, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn, former Congressman Admiral Joe Sestak, and Penn State University's College Democrats President Nadia Lehtihet called on Tom Corbett to restore the 20% cuts he made to higher education.


"This morning Tom Corbett revealed that he is excited to have his self-described "role model," Chris Christie, campaign for him, despite the growing Bridgegate scandal. Though Corbett should be embarrassed to have Christie campaign for him, it appears that Corbett will shamelessly relish the campaign support of almost anyone."


Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and Democratic Governors Association released a new video, "Tom Corbett's 2013." The video provides several examples of Tom Corbett's insulting, mean-sprited, and outrageous comments from the past year.


Philadelphia, PA - Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has the honor of announcing the DeCoursey-Andrews Democratic National Convention Scholarship Fund.


Tom Corbett's job creation record as Governor has been abysmal. Pennsylvania's unemployment rate is well above the national average at 7.3% and our overall job growth has dropped from 7th in the nation to 45th. Pennsylvania was 11th in the nation in private growth when Tom Corbett took office in January 2011. Now we are 47th.