Press Releases


A great article showing teams of passionate Democrats working together!


Here are some great highlights from this year's Jefferson Jackson Dinner! Enjoy!


We'll be rallying for Wolf outside by the entrance. Volunteers needed!


It’s with great pleasure that I congratulate Tom Wolf on his success in the Democratic primary. We are proud to join Wolf and Democrats throughout the Commonwealth on the journey to put Pennsylvania back on the right track by defeating Tom Corbett in November.


After years of living as second class citizens unable to have their loving relationships recognized by the law, a ruling by the Honorable John E. Jones III has affirmed what we've known for years: Pennsylvania's failure to recognize or perform same sex marriages is not only a shameful injustice, but also unconstitutional.


From the day it was introduced, we knew that Tom Corbett and the Republican Party's Voter ID legislation was a blatant, political scheme designed to confuse and disenfranchise Pennsylvania voters.


Last week NBC's First Read joined numerous other national news organizations and pundits by naming Pennsylvania the top gubernatorial takeover in the country.


Today, The Fix named Tom Corbett the most vulnerable governor in the country for the 9th month in a row.


This morning, Tom Corbett delivered his official budget address was more about his reelection campaign than the future of our Commonwealth. Throughout his tenure as Governor, Tom Corbett has often preached fiscal responsibility as a road to recovery for Pennsylvania.


Philadelphia, PA - This weekend, Pennsylvania Democrats will hold their State Committee and Endorsement Meeting in Hershey. The party will offer trainings, receptions, and events for attendees.