Our Chair

Jack Hanna is a native of Indiana County and was born in the small coal-mining town of Clymer, Pennsylvania. His father’s parents were both Syrian immigrants and his grandmother was actually undocumented while his grandfather obtained citizenship by serving in the US Army fighting in France during World War I.

In 1980, Jack obtained his Jurist Doctorate at Antioch School of Law in Washington, D.C. and returned to Pennsylvania, opening his own law practice in Indiana County later that year which he continues today. He also currently serves as the Democratic Party’s State Treasurer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has since 2013 along with having held the Southwest Caucus Chairmanship for 16 years. Jack was first elected to the State Committee in 1994 and has never missed a meeting during his entire term of service.

In the Fall of 2015, he and Poom Suphavadi Taylor founded the “Refugee Working Group” in Indiana, PA which supports, advocates and promotes educating the public about issues involving refugees, immigrates, and those seeking political asylum. The group has presented and sponsored several educational events on those subjects including fundraising for various immigrants and groups both locally and nationally.

In 1987, he married Carol Hanna who in June of 2016 retired from being the first woman Common Pleas Court Judge in Indiana County’s history. Jack and Carol have two children, Joan, who resides in Washington DC and Frances, who is majoring in International studies at Portland State University in Oregon.


Treasurer Lisa Rhodes, Chairman Jack Hanna, and Vice Chair Nancy Mills