Demand that Turzai Refunds Your Tax Dollars He Sent to Shady Right-Wing Group

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is an extreme right-wing organization funded by shady conservative third parties, including the infamously far-right Koch brothers. They are dedicated to giving Big Business a direct role in crafting legislation that will benefit themselves, then urging state legislators to pass those exact bills.

It was recently revealed that several Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers, including House Leader Mike Turzai, use taxpayer dollars to pay their membership dues.

This is an outrage - not only because Republicans like Mike Turzai feel that this is a better use of the taxpayer dime than funding our children's education or essential social services, but also because it is completely inappropriate to be spending hard-earned taxpayer money on such a clearly partisan organization.

Sign the petition to demand that Mike Turzai reimburses you for his right-wing membership dues immediately.