UPDATED: Opposition to Corbett's Electoral Vote Proposal Emerges Among GOP State Legislators

In case you missed it, today even more Republicans in the state legislature came out in opposition to the proposal to change the way Pennsylvania awards its electoral votes:

Kate Harper (State Representative District 61)

"I think it will make Pennsylvania less relevant. We're in a big state. I don't see any reason to make a change in the rules." (Montgomery News)

Bryan Cutler (State Representative District 100)

"If you are talking about a split of 12 to 8 or even 10 to 10, visiting Pennsylvania could possibly net you zero or four electoral votes. If, as a state, we can only net zero to six electoral votes for either candidate, will they even care to expend time, money or resources here and connecting with our voters? Under the current system, every voter and contact is important, and without seeing the language I have not been convinced that the new proposal continues to keep us relevant on the national political stage." (Intelligencer Journal)

Scott Boyd (State Representative District 43)

"I don't know that it's the right move at this point in time. The Electoral College system has worked pretty well. I'm not convinced we need to make a change." (Intelligencer Journal)

Ryan Aument (State Representative District 41)

"From a public policy perspective, I would rather we focus our energies on jobs, property tax reform, infrastructure and education," Aument said. "From a political perspective, I would rather see my party focus on winning all of the commonwealth's 20 electoral votes." (Intelligencer Journal)

Gordon Denlinger (State Representative District 99)

Denlinger, of Narvon, said he is flat-out opposed to the move because it would diminish Pennsylvania's role in electing a president. (Intelligencer Journal)

Scott Perry (State Representative District 92)

"But I don't like tinkering with the framers of our Constitution and what their intent was," Perry said. Plus, he added, "the shoe's always on the other foot at some point." (York Dispatch)

Justin Simmons (State Representative District 131)

"I will not be supporting the PA Senate's plan to allocate Pennsylvania's electoral votes by congressional district. I think the electoral college works just fine the way it is. It should not be adjusted for political purposes, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat." (Facebook)