PA GOP Proposes a New Partisan Plan to Change Electoral Vote Rules to Benefit Republicans

Philadelphia, PA - Less than a month after losing the Presidential election and four statewide races, Pennsylvania Republicans are proposing a plan to change the way Pennsylvania awards its electoral votes. Sen. Dominic Pileggi has again proposed legislation that changes the way Pennsylvania awards its electoral votes, changing the rules for partisan advantage and ignoring many other pressing challenges facing Pennsylvania. 

"This is the ultimate sour grapes. After getting swept in statewide elections, Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to change the rules to help Republican politicians," said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn. "Pennsylvania Republicans already passed Voter ID, which the courts prevented from taking affect in 2012, now they are again trying to pass a bill that changes the rules simply to benefit Republican politicians who have been rejected by the majority of Pennsylvanians. Instead trying to pass partisan legislation that only helps Republican politicians at the expense of Pennsylvanians, Republicans should focus on helping the middle class - something they have failed to do. Tom Corbett should reject this plan and urge Harrisburg Republicans to focus on the economy and the middle class."

Pennsylvania Proposal May Help Republicans Win Electoral Votes (Bloomberg) A Pennsylvania lawmaker is proposing making the state the only one to divide its electoral votes based on a presidential candidate's percentage of public support, a method that would have helped Republican Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.