Special Interest Group Scoops Gov. Corbett's Own Announcement on Health Exchanges

How did the Koch-backed group know about the decision before it was public?

Philadelphia, PA - Today, Gov. Tom Corbett announced that his administration was not setting up a state-based health insurance exchange, but his announcement came after a special interest group, Americans for Prosperity, scooped the governor's own announcement. The timing of the two announcements raises serious concerns about the governor's coordination with a special interest group backed by the Koch brothers.

"How did Americans for Prosperity Americans for Prosperity know about Gov. Corbett's decision before it was announced to the public?" said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn. "Americans for Prosperity is a special interest group backed by the infamous Koch brothers. They have long lobbied for policies that help corporate special interests at the expense of Pennsylvania families, but somehow they knew about Gov. Corbett's decision well before the announcement was public. It raises serious questions. How did they know? Did Gov. Corbett tip off the Koch-backed organization before the announcement? Is Gov. Corbett working with the special interest group behind closed doors? How did the Koch brothers influence his decision? Once again it shows that Gov. Corbett has backed policies that put corporate special interests ahead of middle class Pennsylvanians."

@PAIndependent Grassroots conservative group Americans For Prosperity statement "welcomes" Corbett's rejection of health exchange. Working to confirm.

@PAIndependent Head of Pennsylvania chapter of AFP says she does not have specific information about Corbett's pending decision. (1/2)

@PAIndependent She says AFP statement is a reflection of the fact that the group always trusts elected leaders to make the "right decision." (2/2)

@inkyamy Did Americans for Prosperity scoop #Corbett on ACA health exchange? Issues release applauding PA for nixing state exchange. No word from gov

@Angelasink worth noting via @inkyamy: Minutes before #Corbett announced health exchange decision, he was "scooped" by group praising his rejecting it

@Marywilson: And yes, it was weird that @AFPPennsylvania scooped the governor's office on the announcement. AFP applause-by-email came 20 minutes before.