A timely reminder: Tom Corbett's record on LGBT issues is terrible

With the new of today's Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality, it should be noted that Tom Corbett's record on LGBT issues is terrible.

Tom Corbett Opposes Marriage Equality. According to Tom Corbett’s 2010 campaign website, “Tom Corbett supports the Pennsylvania Marriage Amendment Act, which defines marriage as that between a man and a woman.” [Tom Corbett For Governor Website FAQ]

Tom Corbett Supports Amending the Constitution Outlawing Same-Sex Marriages. Asked, “What is your position on amending the Pennsylvania Constitution to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman?,” Tom Corbett, answered “Support - Constitutional amendment would help safeguard marriage against an alternative agenda.”[Pennsylvania Catholic Conference Questionnaire, http://www.pacatholic.org/wp-content/uploads/vptspring10.pdf]

Tom Corbett Would Allow Employers To Deny Benefits To Same-Sex Partners. Asked “What is your position on legislation requiring employers to provide employee benefits to which they are morally opposed, for example, mandating coverage for contraceptives or benefits to same-sex partners of employees?,” Corbett answered, “I oppose mandates contrary to the moral conscience of employers.” Archdiocese of Philadelphia Questionnaire, http://archphila.org/votersguide/2010nov/Candidates.pdf]

Tom Corbett Opposes Civil Unions. When asked if he supported civil unions, Corbett answered, "I haven't supported civil unions, at least I don't recall ever saying that at this point.” [Radio Times, Conversation with the Governor, 05/17/12]

Tom Corbett Opposes Any New Anti-Discrimination Amendments. When asked, When asked, "What specific steps would you take as Governor to promote tolerance and increase diversity, and also would that extend to signing an amendment to the state human relations act that would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity?" He responded, "Although, I will tell you I don't know if an amendment is what will actually make enforcement any better. We already have the laws on the books. Adding more laws on the books doesn't equal enforcement. We need to actually enforce." (ABC6 Gubernatorial Debate, 10/18/10]