In a Victory for Donors, Corbett Moves to Open State Parks and Forests to Drilling

Harrisburg, PA - Last week, Tom Corbett made a move toward opening state parks and forests to drilling by dropping a policy that mandated impact studies prior to drilling on public land. The move was a key victory for Corbett's top donors in the oil and gas industry who gave over $1 million to his campaign.

"Tom Corbett has consistently put his donors ahead a Pennsylvanians - whether it is naming top donors to Cabinet positions or making sure gas drillers see a return on their investment in his campaign," said Mark Nicastre, a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. "By making it easier for his donors to drill in state parks and forests, Tom Corbett is boosting his donors' profits while leaving Pennsylvanians with great uncertainty about the impact of the drilling. Tom Corbett's move to open state parks and forests to drilling is irresponsible and it could be detrimental to Pennsylvania's economy."

Gas drilling in Pennsylvania state parks draws fire (Patriot News) A Marcellus Shale drilling rig could be coming soon to a state park near you. Last week, the Department of Environmental Protection quietly rescinded a policy requiring an environmental-impact review prior to Marcellus natural gas drilling in most of Pennsylvania's state parks.