Winter 2017 State Committee Training Sessions


We’re excited to bring you a variety of training sessions as we head into the primary season of 2017. Our Winter Training are focused on candidate recruitment & training, issues education and updates in data, digital, and field organizing strategies.

All training sessions are held on Friday, February 10th.


Petition and Financial Filings

Presented by Jonathan Marks, Trisha Robinson, Jessica Mathis – PA Department of State

Ballroom A: 12:00 pm

One of the first and most important parts of the process to becoming an official candidate is to effectively circulate and gather signatures to get your name on the ballot. We are fortunate to have those in charge of the whole process for the Commonwealth for Pennsylvania; no one knows the process better than our three guest speakers.




It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Presented by Dwayne Heisler, State Committee Member

Ballroom B: 12:00 pm

“It’s the Issues, stupid” is a slight variation of the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”, which James Carville had coined as a campaign strategist of Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against sitting president George H. W. Bush. Let’s get our messaging back on track with this dynamic session.




Becoming a Candidate and Running a Campaign

Presented by Anne Wakabayashi, EmergePA

Ballroom C: 12:00 pm

Women in office often take unique paths to leadership; we explore a few different women’s paths to deciding to run. Joining EMERGE Executive Director Anne Wakabayashi will be a group of current and former EMERGE alumni on a panel to share their experiences along the way. If you’re considering a run for office, or other leadership opportunities, this is a must-attend event.




The Crisis in Unionism – Where from here?

Presented by Matt Edgell, PSEA

Ballroom A: 1:00 pm

Since the election of 2008, the anti-union forces have worked tirelessly and effectively to disenfranchise public unions (and their members) as a political and economic force in the US. This presentation chronicles the battle so far, the considerable obstacles we face under a Trump presidency and possible strategies to maintain and grow unions and uphold their core principles.




Digital Tools for Advocacy in 2017

Presented by Craig Grella, PA Dems

Ballroom B: 1:00 pm

Overview of tools available for use through the PA Dems Digital program, including the events portal to promote local events and grow the local committee, how to tap into the Volunteer Corps, and how to engage on social media platforms.




Municipal Targeting 101

Hosted by Brett Benson, United Steelworkers

Ballroom C: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

This training will cover how to build a comprehensive universe for municipal elections. It will cover ways you can target the right voters at the right time with an emphasis on local elections. Learn how to plan for and research these voters, and how to start building your lists for voter outreach.



Candidate Recruitment & Training

Presented by Mitch Kates, PA Dems

Ballroom A: 2:00 pm

Grassroots activism begins with local efforts, none more important than finding candidates to run for seats at a local level up and down the ballot. Now more than ever we need to recruit and train candidates to run for office in this and future cycles. In this timely Deminar we will discuss ideas for finding & recruiting candidates. As a part of our discussion, we’ll hear directly from some of our most recent candidates who share their stories and ideas for finding and supporting candidates as we move forward with the 2017 Election Cycle and beyond.




Websites and Social Media Pages: Yes, you need them. Here’s how to use them.

Presented by Craig Grella, PA Dems

Ballroom B: 2:00 pm

How to easily create and manage a web presence for getting the word out about local issues, including easy website management, and the creation of a facebook page for your group.




Municipal Targeting 201

Presented by Megan Winters, PA Dems

Ballroom C: 2:00 pm

What to do with the local universe: so building VPB’s, cutting turf, MiniVAN, etc. – sort of an ‘Engaging with your Universe’ training.




Further information on training sessions will be posted as it becomes available.