George Badey (CD 7)

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PO BOX 197
Wayne, PA, 19087
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(215) 790-1000

I am running for Congress because I have spent my entire 30 year career fighting for working people against institutions and politicians who stand in their way. I now want to take this fight to Congress.

As a trial lawyer, I have taken on Big Tobacco, the insurance industry, and pharmaceutical companies, who too often sacrifice the lives and well being of working families for their bottom line. These large and powerful institutions have been protected by career politicians like Pat Meehan for too long.

It is time that the 7th Congressional District had a fighter in Congress to take on these powerful institutions rather than protect them, and fight for the little guy in Washington D.C.

Pat Meehan has spent the better part of the last 25 years fighting for Pat Meehan. He is a political operative who traded off political connections for a government job in the 1980's, and who has been on the government payroll ever since. His contributor list is a who’s who of wealthy corporate interests.

There are clear differences between Pat Meehan and me; not just in terms of where we come from, but what we stand for and how we will represent our district in Congress.

On Health Care

Meehan voted to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program, forcing seniors to purchase health insurance from private, for-profit insurance companies; (H277-2011)

Badey will protect Medicare and insure that seniors receive quality healthcare by expanding the pool of insured citizens, and obtaining cost reductions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Remember, Medicare is not an “entitlement”. All of us have paid into it.

Jobs and the Economy

Meehan has voted to slash investments in education, job training, infrastructure and technology, while retaining billions in subsidies for Big Oil and huge tax cuts for those who earn more than $1 Million per year.

Badey believes the key to deficit reduction is economic growth, and that investment in education, job training, infrastructure and technology will result in economic growth. Also, a fairer tax system will support these investments and ultimately lead to faster deficit reduction.

There is no clearer example of how Pat Meehan fights for Pat Meehan than how he carved out the new boundaries of our Congressional District. For the first time in history, Amish farmers in Lancaster County will share a congressman with small business owners in Drexel Hill, and one congressman will represent a district which spans these five counties and borders three states. Even the Philadelphia Inquirer condemned Meehan’s practice of “politicians choosing voters rather than vice versa”, and dubbed the new boundaries of our 7th District as a “slime mold.” Click here to see the article.

The political career of one man can never be more important than the hopes and dreams of the 700,000 working people in this district. We need to restore true representation for our district this November.