Quick Facts

Pennsylvanian Voters will be allowed to vote without showing a photo ID on Election Day. Poll workers are allowed to ask for photo IDs but cannot deny any Pennsylvanian voter the right to vote.

How To Register To Vote

  • Check to make sure you are registered to vote
  • Search PA voter registration data to check if you’re registered to vote: here
  • You can also check your registration by contacting your County Board of Elections. Find the contact information here.
  • Once you have registered to vote, you do not have to register again unless you change your address, name or political party affiliation.
Register to Vote in person
  • You can register to vote at any County Voter Registration Office or other designated places. For County contact information, click here.
Register To Vote By Mail
  • You can register to vote by mail in two ways:
    • Get a Voter Registration Mail Application form from the state or federal government. The Secretary of the Commonwealth and all county registration commissions supply Voter Registration Mail Applications to all persons and organizations who request them, including candidates, political parties and political bodies and other federal, state and municipal offices.
    • Download the Voter Registration Application here. Print, complete, sign and deliver to your Country Voter Registration Office by mail or in person.
  • Register to Vote at PennDOT
    • You can register to vote at a PA Department of Transportation photo license center when you obtain or update your driver’s license.
  • Register to Vote at Government Agencies
    • In addition to PennDOT, you can register to vote at many other state government offices, including:
      • State offices that provide public assistance and services to persons with disabilities
      • Armed Forces Recruitment Centers
      • Areas Agencies on Aging
      • Centers for Independent Living
      • Country Mental Health and Mental Retardation offices
      • Student disability services offices of the State System of Higher Education
      • Offices of Special Education
      • DA Complementary Paratransit offices
    • Voter Registration Forms
      • Below are links to different voter registration forms and applications. Remember that the deadline for registering is 30 days prior each election.
      • Pennslyvania Voter Registration Mail Application Form(PDF): Use this form to register to vote by mail. Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application Forms must be completed and submitted to your County Voter Registration office.
      • Request Voter Registration Mail Application(s): To request that Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Applications be sent to you, please provide your full name and mailing address via the following link: ST-VOTERREG@pa.gov. Remember to indicate the number of voter registration forms that you need. To request multiple Pennsylvania Voter Registration mail Applications for voter registration drives, please call 1-800-522-VOTE.