Looney Toomey Votes For Crazy Cruz

PENNSYLVANIA — This morning, Pat Toomey cast his vote in the Republican presidential primary for Ted Cruz. The GOP field didn’t give him many strong choices, but Toomey’s vote is more evidence that he shares Cruz’s extremist government ideology. They both vote with the GOP and the Koch brothers over 90% of the time, and are some of the worst legislators when it comes to standing up for women and seniors.

Ted Cruz’s record is defined by dangerous episodes of obstruction. He famously shut down the government in 2013, costing the economy $24 billion, in a quixotic attempt to deny people health care. Toomey supported that disastrous gambit, and has worked with Cruz to push the Republican’s dysfunctional brand of governance ever since.

Recently, Toomey is playing a central role in Republicans refusal to do their job on filling the Supreme Court vacancy. A poll out yesterday showed continued opposition in Pennsylvania to Toomey’s position. And Toomey has faced months of protests and negative media coverage calling him out for his indefensible position on filling the Supreme Court vacancy.

“Given Ted Cruz’s objectionable record, it’s hard to understand how anyone thinks he’s fit to be president,” said Preston Maddock, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “He is so obstructionist and wildly partisan, that even Mitch McConnell disapproves. By voting for Cruz today, Pat Toomey revealed what he often tries to hide to Pennsylvanians — how extreme his record truly is.”

Watch the video of Toomey saying he voted for Cruz this morning:

 And catch up on the coverage of the latest Toomey/Cruz obstructionist crusade on the Supreme Court: