“Tuesdays With Toomey” Protests Sweep Pennsylvania

While Toomey Was Comparing People With Pre-Existing Conditions To “Burnt-Down” Houses, Hundreds Protested His PA Offices Over His Support For Trump’s Agenda

Senator Pat Toomey did little to quell the public’s frustration over his blind obedience to the Trump agenda yesterday . While hundreds of his constituents protested his offices, urging the Senator to oppose the administration’s worst cabinet nominees, Toomey was in Washington comparing sick people to burned down houses . That’s not our spin, look at how C-SPAN summarized his remarks during the Senate Finance Committee’s hearing with Trump HHS nominee Tom Price:

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C-SPAN: Toomey: People are buildings

“One way to force it is to force insurance companies to provide health insurance coverage for someone as soon as they show up, regardless of what condition they have, which is kind of like asking the property casualty company to rebuild the house after it’s burned down.”

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The “Tuesdays with Toomey” protests have swelled in recent weeks. And with senseless comments like that, the Senator can expect to have lots of visitors in the weeks and months to come. Check out the coverage from yesterday’s rallies:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Post-election protesters’ say their work is just beginning with ‘Tuesdays with Toomey’ rallies

“Tuesdays with Toomey” protests began in Philadelphia, where activists have complained that the Republican senator hasn’t been meeting with constituents. Jennifer McDowell, who co-organizes the three-week-old Pittsburgh event, echoed that grievance. “Toomey doesn’t see people,” she said. “He doesn’t talk to his constituents.”

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Allentown Morning Call: Trump Cabinet debate brings more than 150 protesters to Toomey’s Allentown office

Demonstrators visited Sen. Pat Toomey’s Allentown-area office Tuesday to urge him to reject President Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees. Carrie Santoro, organizer of the local chapter of the Facebook activism group Tuesdays With Toomey, urged the Republican senator to vote down Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Betsy DeVos for secretary of education, among other nominees. “Sen. Toomey, for yet another week, we demand to be heard,” said Santoro, of Kutztown.

MSNBC: Protesters Chant “No DeVos” At “Tuesdays With Toomey”

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