Erie Democrats Hold Presser Calling Scott Wagner Out For Failing To Denounce The Republican Health Care Plan

Though the most recent Republican effort in D.C. to take health care away from millions of Americans was defeated early this morning, we know that D.C. Republicans will continue to push their out-of-touch plan. Today, Democrats held a press conference to call Scott Wagner out for refusing to answer questions about his support for this devastating plan. County Democratic Chairman Bill Cole and Vice Chair Mary Jo Campbell, held a press conference to hold Scott Wagner accountable.

“The next governor is going to have to make tough choices about health care, so it’s only fair that Pennsylvanians question why Scott Wagner supports something that raises health care costs for millions of Pennsylvanians, hurts rural Pennsylvanians, charges an age tax on older citizens, kicks seniors out of their nursing homes, and strips access to care from women, people suffering from a substance use disorder, and those with pre-existing conditions,” said Chairman Bill Cole. “Scott Wagner has consistently supported the Republicans’ devastating plan, and there’s no question that this bill will hurt Americans. The people of Pennsylvania deserve answers from Scott Wagner if he truly wants to be governor of Pennsylvania.”

“A majority of Pennsylvanians oppose this disastrous legislation, but Scott Wagner continues to support it,” said Vice Chair Mary Jo Campbell. “We need to know why Scott Wagner and any other gubernatorial candidates are supporting this bill that would hurt people with pre-existing conditions like me and millions who would lose access health care coverage.”

The Republican health care plan places a huge burden on states and forces governors to make difficult choices in order to maintain health care for the millions at risk of losing access to care.  Pennsylvania cannot afford a governor like Scott Wagner who would support this reckless plan. Scott Wagner owes the people of Pennsylvania an explanation.

The Republican bill destroys Medicaid. Medicaid expansion has provided health care to over 715,000 Pennsylvanians, including over 215,000 Pennsylvanians who are struggling with a substance use disorder.

If Republicans get their way and this bill becomes law, the governor of Pennsylvania will have serious decisions to make about the state of health care in the commonwealth and Scott Wagner needs tell us why he supports this devastating plan if he wants to be the head of our commonwealth.