After 3 Days, Paul Mango Still Can’t Point To A Single Job He’s Created In PA

Earlier this week, a bombshell story outlined how gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango lied about creating jobs in Pennsylvania. From the story:

“…despite making extravagant claims about Mango’s skills as a job-creator, Mango’s campaign couldn’t produce a single example – anywhere in Pennsylvania – where he had done that. In fact, the record of Mango’s former employer, McKinsey & Co, suggests that they are wizards in the black arts of corporate downsizing.”

And just yesterday, he refused to comment on the story.

“Paul Mango needs to admit that he lied about creating jobs in Pennsylvania,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “If he is lying about his record this early in the gubernatorial race, how can we trust him to tell the truth about anything?”