Congressman Barletta’s Campaign Rollout Debacle

Congressman Lou Barletta’s month-long campaign rollout tripped out of the starting gate and still hasn’t recovered. As the Congressman lurches from one self-inflicted controversy to another, he faces mounting questions about his ability to win the Republican primary and to raise enough money to compete statewide.

Here are some of the highlights from Congressman Barletta’s disastrous campaign launch:

Tough headlines… 

Philadelphia Inquirer: Barletta says ‘yes’ to Senate bid, history says ‘meh’

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader: Barletta already under fire from Democrats

Philadelphia Inquirer: Lou Barletta has Trump ties. But can he raise the money to take on Bob Casey?

An ethically-challenged Congressman faces ethics controversy on day 1…

PennLive: Barletta faces ethics complaint filed by state Democratic Party.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader: Democrats file ethics complaint against Barletta.

Allentown Morning Call: Pa. Dems file ethics complaint over Barletta TV interview.

An expensive, brutal primary…

Philadelphia Inquirer: Republican Senate candidate Jeff Bartos launches TV ad swiping at expected rival Lou Barletta

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader: “Baldino also noted that it’s not a given that Barletta will win the primary as there are several other Republicans who have either officially announced or expressed interest.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Barletta faces a potentially crowded and resource-draining primary featuring, as of now and among others, Main Line real estate mogul Jeff Bartos and Western Pennsylvania state Reps. Rick Saccone and Jim Christiana.”

Mixed messages…

Philadelphia Inquirer: “‘Contributors from all over the country that understand that this will impact the balance in the Senate, that this will be a referendum on the agenda of Donald Trump,’ Brabender said.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Mr. Barletta, who appears to be the early favorite, is looking to unseat the incumbent Mr. Casey, one of 10 Democrats nationwide defending a seat in a state won by Mr. Trump. His campaign said the election is a referendum on Mr. Casey, rather than the president.”

And even a botched campaign website rollout…

PoliticsPA: “Barletta’s website had launched for a few hours late last night before being put back behind a wall until the announcement this morning.”