Democrats Call On Scott Wagner To End Silence On Violence, Racism And Bigotry In Charlottesville

Today, Democrats from throughout Pennsylvania are calling on Scott Wagner to condemn the racism, bigotry, and violence that occurred in Charlottesville and denouncing his silence on the incident. Here’s what they have to say:

Sinceré Harris, executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party

“While Democrats and Republicans across the country swiftly condemned bigoted and racist behavior, Scott Wagner hasn’t said a word. His silence is an endorsement of these kinds of abhorrent actions and beliefs and is completely unacceptable as not only a state senator, but as a someone who is running to represent all Pennsylvanians as governor.”

Senator Vincent Hughes

“Governor Wolf has denounced President Trump’s continuing statements defending the white supremacist terroristic attacks this past weekend in Charlottesville.  He should be applauded for that. Any other person who seeks to be PA’s top executive, should do the same.  If they choose not to make a definitive statement, then they have clearly indicated their support.  They have also clearly disqualified themselves on what should be an easy litmus test to pass. Nazism, racism, and white supremacy, must be clearly called out and denounced and there is absolutely no middle ground.”

Mayor Kim Bracey

“We should all feel ashamed as Americans for what occurred in Charlottesville. This isn’t partisan — this is about being American and standing up to the bigotry that exists and was on display. My heart aches for those who lost their lives, civilians and the state troopers, along with those injured, and for my State Senator to not have a comment after such an occurrence is a comment in itself. We may never entirely rid society of hate, but we should never embolden it and we should take every opportunity as leaders to condemn it, and to relegate it as absolutely abhorrent and antithetical to our country’s ideals. It is incumbent on all leaders to make their voice known that this hate and bigotry has no place in our society and no place to hide.”

Representative Jake Wheatley

“Scott Wagner’s silence is deafening and informative.  Any person who wants to be the Governor of this Commonwealth but lacks the courage and conviction to speak against racism and hatred isn’t prepared or deserving to be our Governor.” 

Representative Mike Schlossberg

“We need a governor who will stand up for all Pennsylvanians and against those who want to turn back the clock to a darker time. If Sen. Wagner won’t stand up to Nazis, who will he stand for?”


“Wagner said he didn’t want to get involved in a national debate, and he doesn’t intend to issue any statement related to Charlottesville on his social media profiles.” [York Dispatch, 8/15/17]

“As of press time, Wagner had not posted anything related to Charlottesville on any of his public social media profiles.” [York Dispatch, 8/15/17]