Ethics Complaint Filed Against Congressman Barletta

“If you don’t violate the public trust, then you should have nothing to fear from outside watchdog groups.”— Congressman Lou Barletta, 1/4/17.

Yesterday afternoon a complaint was filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Congressman Lou Barletta for the misuse of official resources to promote his bid for the United States Senate. On Monday, July 31st, Congressman Barletta filmed a television interview about his Senate candidacy from an official congressional office with the seal of the United States Congress readily visible in the background. This is in clear violation of the House Code of Official Conduct and may violate House Rules and federal law.


“The ethical cloud that has hung over Congressman Lou Barletta his entire political career has disrupted his Senate campaign on day 1,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “While Congressman Barletta may think the rules don’t apply to him, using official congressional resources to promote a political campaign is a clear violation of House Code of Official and may violate House Rules and federal law. Congressman Barletta should know better given this is his 7th campaign for federal office.”

“Pennsylvanians deserve a Senator they can count on to fight for them. Congressman Lou Barletta can only be counted on to fight for himself.”

A copy of the complaint can be found here.