Ethics Controversy Derails Barletta’s Campaign Rollout

Brutal Headlines Welcome Congressman to Senate Race

Congressman Lou Barletta and his allies have spent the first week of his Senate campaign insisting they did not break House Rules or federal law in the very first interview of his candidacy. The ethical cloud that has hung over Congressman Barletta his entire career now casts a shadow over his Senate candidacy as the bad headlines keep piling up.

See for yourself:

Hazleton Standard Speaker: Barletta rep denies ethics violation after Dems’ complaint

Penn Live: Barletta faces ethics complaint filed by state Democratic Party

Wilkes Barre Times Leader: Democrats file ethics complaint against Barletta

The Hill: Pennsylvania Dems file ethics complaint against Rep. Barletta

Allentown Morning Call: Pa. Dems file ethics complaint over Barletta TV interview

Times-Tribune: Democrats challenge Barletta’s ethics

“It should come as little surprise that an ethically challenged Congressman would run an ethically challenged campaign,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “Congressman Barletta’s Senate campaign tripped out of the starting gate as he’s spent the week denying he broke House Rules and federal law in the first interview of his candidacy. If Congressman Barletta can’t make it past day one without a major self-inflicted controversy, this is going to be a long campaign for Pennsylvania Republicans.”