MEMO: Governor Wolf’s Response To PA House GOP’s Failure To Do Their Jobs

To: Interested Parties

From: Sinceré Harris

RE: Governor Wolf’s Response to PA House GOP’s Failure to do their Jobs

Date: August 24, 2017

This week, Governor Tom Wolf made it very clear that the Pennsylvania House Republicans need to get back to Harrisburg to finalize a way to pay for the budget that they passed in order to avoid serious consequences such as credit downgrades, freezing of important services, or the state being unable to pay its bills.

With Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania Senate Republicans and Democrats, and Pennsylvania House Democrats on the same page, it is time for the House Republicans to face reality and get back to work on completing the budget.

Here’s what Governor Wolf said to House Republicans this week: 

“‘I think there are a lot of adults in the room in Harrisburg, and some of the folks on the House Republican leadership ought to get their act together and finish the job,’ Wolf said Tuesday during an appearance on KDKA-AM radio in Pittsburgh.” [AP, 8/23/17]

“‘I ran a business,’ he said. ‘At some point the bank, or somebody, says you’ve got to stop doing this. We have ratings agencies out there that are about to downgrade Pennsylvania’s debt because of this irresponsible behavior.’ ‘The easiest thing to do is just get back and finish the job,’ he added. ‘Everyone else has done this.’” [WITF, 8/23/17]

“‘What I need is for the House of Representatives to do the right thing and finish the job,’ he said. ‘They voted overwhelmingly for the spending part. Now they need to pay for what they want to spend the money on.’” [PennLive, 8/22/17]