PA Dems Job Posting: Seeking A Job Paul Mango Created

Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party posted a job listing seeking a single job that Paul Mango created.

“We are desperately seeking a single job that Paul Mango created in Pennsylvania since he has yet to provide any backup for his bogus job creation claims,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “It’s time for Paul Mango to admit to the people of Pennsylvania that he hasn’t done a thing to create jobs in the commonwealth.”

Earlier this week, a bombshell story outlined how gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango lied about creating jobs in Pennsylvania. From the story:

“…despite making extravagant claims about Mango’s skills as a job-creator, Mango’s campaign couldn’t produce a single example – anywhere in Pennsylvania – where he had done that. In fact, the record of Mango’s former employer, McKinsey & Co, suggests that they are wizards in the black arts of corporate downsizing.”

Check out our job posting here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.34.59 AM

SEEKING: A Job Paul Mango Created

LOCATION: Literally anywhere in Pennsylvania.

DESCRIPTION: Are you a person who held a job that Paul Mango created? Do you live in Pennsylvania? Then you’re the person for us!

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is desperately seeking a single job that Paul Mango has created. Paul Mango claims that he has created jobs right here in Pennsylvania, but has been completely unable to produce a single piece of proof to support that claim. In fact, his company is well-known for recommending mass layoffs to cut costs.