Toomey Caught Up In Campaign Finance Scandal

Senator Pat Toomey received more than $10,000 from major GOP-donor Richard Stephenson. However, according to new FEC documents, Stephenson reimbursed himself for those donations, making the contributions illegal.

Read the key points:

POLITICO Pro: Major GOP donor admits to campaign finance law violations

  • A chain of for-profit hospitals owned by a major GOP donor admitted to illegally reimbursing executives for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to political candidates over a decade-long period, according to FEC documents obtained by POLITICO.

  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America admits to paying out $700,000 over a 12-year period ending in 2014 to reimburse donations to 31 different political candidates.

  • Besides Romney and the senators facing reelection in 2018, more than $10,000 went to Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, South Carolina Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey and South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds.

  • The company’s founder, Richard Stephenson, has donated hundreds of thousands to Republican politicians and committees and once served as a top board member of the conservative group FreedomWorks.