Barletta, Bartos Backed Health Care Scheme Would Worsen Opioid Crisis

Congressional GOP Plan Raises Costs for Addiction Treatment Coverage

The latest health care scheme pushed by Republicans in Congress would exacerbate the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania and around the country. A Kaiser Family Foundation study found that states “hardest hit by the opioid epidemic” would suffer the most under the Graham-Cassidy bill. The Congressional GOP’s new bill contains zero funding to combat the opioid crisis and would force those struggling with drug dependence to pay tens of thousands more for care, if they get can get coverage at all.

“The unconscionable health care plan Congressman Barletta and Jeff Bartos are campaigning on would put treatment further out of reach for Pennsylvanians struggling with addiction by sending premiums skyrocketing,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “This bill, which includes no additional funding to combat the opioid epidemic, would charge those with drug dependency thousands more for insurance compared to current law. Congressman Barletta and Jeff Bartos’ support for this disastrous bill makes it clear they can only be trusted to look out for D.C. special interests, not the people of Pennsylvania.”