Congressman Barletta Catches Swamp Fever With Washington Spin

Congressman Lou Barletta wants Pennsylvanians to know that he thinks President Trump’s DACA deal is “perfect” but still opposes it. Congressman Barletta followed this vertigo-inducing spin by simultaneously praising and condemning bipartisan efforts to reform the immigration system.

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 “Clearly Congressman Barletta has contracted D.C. swamp fever,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “His bizarre Washington wordsmithing left him standing in opposition to a deal he called ‘perfect’ and insisting that Trump’s complete reversal on DACA and building the wall was somehow consistent with campaign promises. If Congressman Barletta can’t give Pennsylvanians a straightforward answer on the issue he built his political career on, how can he expect anyone to believe a word he says?”