GOP Plan Raises Taxes On Middle Class, Cuts Taxes For Millionaires Like Barletta

Congressional GOP Tax Plan Leaves Hardworking Pennsylvanians Behind

Yesterday, Congressional Republicans admitted defeat on their health care scheme that would have sent out-of-pocket health care costs skyrocketing and forced older Pennsylvanians to pay an age tax for care. Today, Congressional Republicans announced a tax scheme that would raise taxes on the middle class and lower income Pennsylvanians and cut taxes for large corporations and millionaires like Congressman Lou Barletta.

In response to this plan, which even Republican Senators admit won’t be paid for, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele made the following statement:

Lower income and middle class Pennsylvanians should not be forced to pay more in taxes so millionaire Congressman Lou Barletta can give himself a tax cut. The Barletta-backed plan lines the pockets of large corporations and wealthy special interests while leaving seniors, parents, and workers behind. Pennsylvanians deserve better than Congressman Barletta’s failed policies and D.C. swamp agenda.”